GTA V_43

MCVUK are candidly citing The Daily Mail for insinuating that, “All crime that happened in mid-September (in the Uk) was GTA V’s fault.”

The Daily Mail article is reporting on a bank robbery where CCTV footage shows a 15 year-old “model pupil” holding up bank workers at gunpoint in “Grand Theft Auto-style.”

The report points out that the Judge said the child was “acting like a real-life action video game.” It goes on to say that the robbery was carried out in the week Grand Theft Auto V was released.

The irony here is that further into The Daily Mail’s article, it is reported that the Judge said “it was not that sort of case at all as the boy’s family would not allow him to watch ‘inappropriate’ television programmes, films or video games.”

As it turns out, the court was reportedly told that the boy was driven to steal because he wanted to help his family with its financial burden, as well as that the boy “envied the material possessions of his friends.”