Ubisoft EU Report Dramatic Increases in Game-Sales Thanks to 3DS Price-Cut

Ubisoft sales director, Geoffrey Sardin has told GamesIndustryBiz that the publisher’s software sales have increased by “eight-fold” since the dramatic hardware price-cut. Furthermore Ubisoft Germany director, Ralf Wirsing has reported a 700% spike in German software sales to the 3DS price-cut.

GIBiz also report on another representative from another major third-party publisher who was not boasting dramatic increases and emphasized the importance of titles like Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land to the future of the 3DS console.

The representative who wished to remain anonymous told the publication that so far retail is “not euphoric,” and that, “the fact that 3DS-software is still treated with great caution in the initial and repeat orders, we see that retail waits for the commercial development.”

“It will be important to watch 3DS when the big Nintendo-titles are out there on holiday season. If the machine does not sell then, it´s definitely dead,” the rep concluded.

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