Yeah, but can he bend it like Bekham
Yeah, but can he bend it like Bekham

Speaking at the recent Game Marketing Summit, as cited by GamesIndustry, several industry executives discussed among other industry topics, the massive growth of eSports in the last five years, and its bright future.

Industry executives discussed how the industry has been seeing a vast shift over the past five years as eSports has grown at a massive rate.

Major League Gaming CEO, Sundance DiGiovanni noted that broadcast technology, or streaming, has played a key role in growth. DiGiovanni claimed that the technology has, “enabled hundreds of thousands of people to watch streams.”

Marcus Graham, senior manager of partnerships and noted shoutcaster from Twitch revealed that Twitch has gone from 3 million unique viewers a month last year to 30 million unique viewers per month this year.

All that spoke of eSports echoed the same resounding conclusion – that eSports has become a major component for the industry and that it will continue to grow at a rapid rate.

“In the next five years, with support built into hardware and engines, eSports will be hitting an audience of hundreds of millions,” claimed Major League Gaming’s Sundance DiGiovanni.

Twitch’s Marcus Graham also noted that as “streaming technology” has become affordable, the need for live broadcast TV has become unnecessary.

“We don’t need it [live broadcast TV],” said Graham.

“It has hurt gaming more than it has helped.”