• Neodymium  speakers – 50mm
  • DualBand WiFi reception (2.4 /5GHz)
  • Audio Response: >120dB SPL @ 1kHz  (20Hz – 20kHz)
  • Mic Response: 50Hz – 15kHz
  • Stereo Headphone Amplifier:  27mW/ch
  • Treble & Bass Boost
  • Chat Auto Level Boost
  • Auto audio mutes on signal loss
  • Battery Powered from twin AAAs
  • Battery Save feature – auto shutdown on 5 mins of  silence

 RRP R 2 299.00


The X42 are for the serious Xbox 360 gamer who’s looking for wireless 7.1 Dolby surround sound system, and top notch online performance. The online performance is enhanced by the Dynamic Volume Control – which means the in-game chatter volume increases as the game volume increases. The wireless functionality is spot on thanks to the dual-band WI-FI receiver, meaning the receiver will switch to the stronger signal to maintain the optimum signal.

The X42’s allow you to adjust the surround sound angles, so you can position the surround sound angles. Surround sound is best experienced when set up correctly, and the X42’s caters for the ability to get the most out of the experience.


By now I have tested a range on Turtle Beach headsets, and I am totally sold on the wireless feature, and especially the surround sound. At good volumes (not soft) you really receive the sound from all angles, almost as if you are not wearing headsets. With normal or stereo headsets, you are always aware that you are wearing headsets, as the sound is definitely coming from those cups around your ears. With the Turtle Beach surround sound headsets the surround sound is faultless, and the difference it makes is immense. Playing a good shooter for example, the experience will not only elevate the game, but your heart rate.

The sound quality is absolutely superb, the deep bass enhances the treble and other ranges; creating a full, crisp sound that immerses you in the game’s world. I did notice how the dynamic volume control works over the weekend playing Medal of Honor – when the battlefield was getting rough, the explosions and spraying of bullets, the volume levels of the in-game chat would increase.


Simply put, the Turtle Beach X42 headset is as good as it gets for the Xbox 360. I say “as good as it gets,” because I cannot imagine how one could improve on the performance. The headsets features the same sort of performance as the PX5 – so you get game-changing surround sound at extreme volumes and the pre-set ability for the equaliser.

If you own or plan to own a Playstation 3 as well as an Xbox 360, then you really should put in the extra R 400 and get the PX5’s because of the dual-console connectivity. For the Xbox 360 exclusive player, you really will be hard-pressed to match the performance, so you can save yourself some cash and get the Turtle Beach X42’s.