Not only will Turtle Beach be producing headsets for the Playstation 4, unsurprisingly, but also for the PS Vita and best of all, Turtle Beach will be producing a kit that will make your current PS3 headsets compatible with the PS4.

MCV report that the PS4 and Vita ranges of headsets are expected to launch around the third quarter of 2014, featuring “tournament grade” headsets as well as the more standard stuff.

“Turtle Beach is excited to work with Sony to create headsets for the PS4,” said Juergen Stark, Chief Executive Officer at Turtle Beach. “Audio is an important part of the next-generation PlayStation experience, and our emphasis on versatile, multi-platform headsets will ensure consumers have an optimal experience across their PS4 console and Vita devices.”

Turtle Beach also penned a deal with EA and Respawn Entertainment to produce a variety of specifically designed devices to support the launch of Titanfall.

“Turtle Beach is honoured to work with the talented teams at Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts to create headsets for fans of Titanfall,” said Bob Picunko Chief Marketing Officer at Turtle Beach. “We are looking forward to working with Electronic Arts and our retail partners to support one of the biggest next-gen events of the year.”