Tritton AXPRO Review

tritton-tech-ax-pro-headset1by Dion ‘bokka1’ Kets

I have had a pair of AX360 headphones for just more than a year but they broke and I upgraded to the AXPRO’s.

They are much sturdier that the AX360’s and a bit bigger but are definitely more comfortable. They have standard foam ear covers and a head rest but included in the package is faux leather ear covers and head rest. I prefer the foam ear covers for the summer because of the sweating and use the leather head rest as it is more comfortable.

The microphone is removable and connects to the headset via a 3.5mm jack. It is not in your way and I keep it on whether I am playing MP or not. Playing MP everybody said I was clear and they could hear me. (I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing with my amount of swearing).

One of the biggest improvements is that you have better in line volume control, you can adjust the game chat volume and mute your microphone. No more problems to lower the game volume to hear somebody speak as the older model. It keeps the volume settings if it is switched off and don’t revert to the max volume like the AX360. Everybody who owns the AX360 knows that you blow your eardrums away each time you switch on the head set. You can set the volume for front, centre, rear and sub woofer independently and it is colour coded by a LED so you don’t have to squint to see what the volume was as on the AX360. The master volume can also be adjusted and muted by one dial. You can set the delays for your centre and rear speakers to give you that surround sound feeling and is very easy to set up.

The head set connects to your controller via a port on the volume control console connected by a standard coiled 2.5mm wire. I remove it if I don’t play MP as you can easily strangle yourself with the amount of wires.

For me the biggest improvement is the addition of the sub woofer. The AX360’s does not have a sub woofer but vibrated to give a bass effect. These babies however blow your head off. I have been playing Dead Space and believe me that it makes a huge difference to the game sound. Playing Gears and Battlefield the guns and cannons sound incredible. Overall the quality of the sound is better than the AX360, and their quality was good to start with.

The head set has true Dolby digital 5.1 surround sound with 4 speakers in each ear and everything is handled by a small decoder which is that grey box on the photos. You can connect any device with an optical output to it.

To connect the headset is quite easy with the only problem being that the head set and decoder each has its own power supply which will take up space on your power strip. At first it seems that there are a lot of wires but once everything is set up the only wire you have to concern yourself with is the one running from the headset to the decoder.

The headset is very versatile and can also be used with your PC or PS3 and it has a USB port on the decoder that is used for game chat on both systems. You can also connect a 5.1 surround sound PC Speaker system to it. So all you dual console owners will get more value from this. You can’t use it with a Wii but I don’t think the Wii was made to be played while having a headset on. All cables that you need are included in the package.

There are so much more to these headphones but I recommend you read the official specs at the manufacturer’s site. TRITTON Technologies, Inc. – TRIGA611 AXPRO

Overall I am extremely happy with mine and will highly recommend it to anyone who can’t play their games at full blast on their home entertainment systems because of girlfriend or wife constraints.

The official RRP for them is R2 995.00 and they are available at a lot of the local online shops and Zaps has them for the price of R2 712.00.

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