Trials HD | Title and DLC specials tomorrow only

Trials HD will get a dramatic price drop on Xbox LIVE Marketplace tomorrow – Friday 26 November. You can pick up the classy arcade hit for a mere 400 Microsoft Points reduced from 1200 points.

The special deal is part of Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE “Black Friday” special promotions. Also included the promotion is Big Pack, the first Trials HD DLC, which can be had for only 240 points this week. It is normally available for 400 points.

This means that over the next week, a thrifty gamer could acquire Trials HD for only 400 points, Big Pack for 240 points, and then next week scoop up Big Thrills for another 400 points – meaning they could get the complete game plus both DLCs for less than 1100 points in all!

“There is no excuse not to have Trials HD after this weekend,” said Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director of RedLynx. “Even if you don’t like challenging, competitive motorcycle games packed with hundreds of hours of addicting gameplay, this weekend Trials HD will cost less than a beer and a codfish sandwich in Norway. How can you miss?”

Here’s a great review from an arcade specialist blog – discless.