Treyarch Bullish About [Call of Duty: Black Ops]


With Infinity Ward totally exiting from Activision, Treyarch has been given the exclusive task of going forward with the Call of Duty franchise, with the next big hit from them being Call of Duty: Black Ops as their first title on the cards. While being very vocal about developments lately, one of their latest comments is reportedly been to single out Bungie as a competitor this year with them traditionally being a first-person shooter developer.

Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia told Develop, “I think so yeah, it’s a first-person shooter, they’re all competitive.” When Lamia was asked about Medal of Honour which one would assume would be a the closest competition, Lamia responded, “I haven’t seen any of it. None of the competition has anything to do with what we are creating. It doesn’t matter. Honestly, what we’re making is our game, and I don’t think Black Ops is going to be anything like their games.”