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One venue. Two days. Three titles. Around 80 attendees. And 1000s of shots fired. Trenchtown started its 2014 tournament season in a big way.

I see dead people

Saturday 18 January was the day of Ghosts. With the first Call of Duty Ghosts tournament capped at 12 teams for the day, it was still pleasing to know that there were more teams than that wanting to participate at the event. With four teams on the waiting list and two other teams pitching at the venue on the slim chance that a team wouldn’t pitch, it proved that Cape Town’s console Call of Duty teams were hungry and willing to play – a sign that obviously bodes well for an expanded event going forward.

It was also pleasing to see a mixture of well known, regular teams mixing it up with some up-and-coming new teams. A number of the newer teams were unknown quantities to some of the teams but they were not there to be pushed over.

Newly formed Team Agency made their intentions clear from the beginning in one of the first two games of the day when they took on Smart Gaming – a young team who will have a great future – and eased into the second round. Opulence also got off to a strong start and took out Swift in a game which featured a high scoring Blitz round (48-34).

Opulence had to then stay on to face the team made up of one half of Team Adept and one half of Team Astra. AA Gaming were seeded number one for the tournament but got a wakeup call when they went down in Domination. A quick regroup by AA Gaming saw them grab the Blitz round and then the decider of Search and Destroy on Sovereign.

IMG_3715Team Agency was also immediately back in the action, coming up against third seeded High 5. High 5 ensured that they kept true to their seeding and grabbed the victory. FISH – a team made up of a number of ex-FIFA players – got off to a confident start and made pretty short work of their first round opponents Real Gaming, as did stalwarts LOST Gaming over FLS.

FISH came up against fourth seeded Concept Gaming, and pushed their more fancied opponents in a thrilling match which included a 15-14 Blitz game which Concept managed to turn around in the final 30 seconds. FISH ended up succumbing in SnD – a mode they admit is not their strong point. The match between LOST and second seed ViNCO featured another exciting Blitz round, which LOST took 14-13 to seal the overall win over ViNCO.

The remaining 13 matches in the day almost all proved exciting, and Blitz did prove what a thrilling mode it can be to watch.

AA Gaming swept past Concept Gaming and LOST to take their spot in the final and wait for the outcome of numerous loser’s bracket matches which saw a surprise early exit of ViNCO at the hands of Team Agency in the second round of the loser’s bracket.

Opulence really cut their teeth at their first LAN event. Having dropped to the loser’s bracket from the first round, their route had the obstacle of High 5 to contend with in what proved to be an almost constant run of five games before they found themselves facing down AA Gaming in the final match of the night.

By then it may well have been exhaustion setting in, but the best of five final was a little one-sided in the end. Opulence started off well however. At the switch in Domination, they held a slender one point lead, and ended up losing the mode by only nine points. SnD on Warhawk went the way of AA Gaming with a comfortable 6-2 score line. AA Gaming then took Blitz in the most comprehensive manner possible by 30 points to 3, and sealed their victory and winner’s cheque.

The Winners:

1st – AA Gaming (R1600)
2nd – Opulence (R600)
3rd – LOST (R300)


View the full bracket here.
Photos from the day are available in out Facebook Album.

Balls. Boots. Braaaaiiiinnnssss

Day two – or 19 January in the human calendar – saw the sportier virtual pursuits take centre stage. FIFA 14 was in attendance in three flavours, while Injustice: Gods Among Us was on hand to sate the more bloodthirsty virtual sportsmen in attendance.

The main event was the (now traditional) FIFA 14 tournament played on both Xbox 360 and PS3, with a Grand Final played over both platforms in a home and away scenario. FIFA 14 was also on hand as a free to enter (to all participating in the main event) tournament on PS4.

Injustice: Gods Among Us was a double elimination event and was free to enter with a game hamper up for grabs. The apparent decline in interest in the game continued, as only six players entered. Almost unsurprisingly, the eventual winner was the unstoppable Warren Green. You can view the bracket for the tournament here.

IMG_3967The first ever public run of our PS4 FIFA 14 was the other diversion for the day. 18 players kicked off the single elimination mini-tournament, but it was Sean – who by all accounts was playing on the console for the first time – pushed his way into the final against Bradley (HybridHero). This was Bradley’s first final, but Sean took no sympathy and grabbed the win 3-1 to head home with R100 cash. The full tournament bracket is available here.

The main event saw eight PS3 players and ten Xbox 360 players face off on their preferred platforms. From pretty early on, it was clear that Mubeen (or MOBiZILLA to his opponents) on PS3 was in the mood to win. He scored 12 goals in three rounds to reach the final against Talieb who he had knocked out to the loser’s bracket in the winner’s semi-final. Mubeen appeared to keep his best for last and secured his spot in the grand final with a comprehensive 8-1 win over Talieb.

On the Xbox 360 side of the room, Andrew (Franchizeboy87) eventually took the win, but not before being bundled into the loser’s bracket and then needing to beat Yazeed twice to secure his spot against Mubeen. There was always a number of players in contention on the Xbox 360 which saw plenty of last minute wins in games, as well as a number of penalty deciders.

PS3 Bracket.
Xbox 360 Bracket.

IMG_3986The grand final and third and fourth place playoff was a two-leg home and away battle where the away goal rule counts. In the third and fourth place playoff, Talieb secured a 2-1 win over Yazeed on both platforms to take third place with a 4-2 aggregate win.

The grand final saw a tight contest on the PS3 leg with Andrew securing a vital away goal against Mubeen to head into the Xbox 360 (and Andrew’s home) leg 2-1 down. However, Mubeen ensured that the contest was over by around halftime when he grabbed the first goal of the game. Mubeen then went on to put two more past Andrew’s keeper to secure the win and the winner’s cheque with a 5-1 aggregate.

The Winners:

1st – Mubeen (R850)
2nd – Andrew (R300)
3rd – Talieb (R100)

Pictures from Sunday’s FIFA 14 are available in our Facebook Album.

Thank you. And good night.

As always, these sorts of things can’t happen without the support of the community, so a massive thanks to the players and spectators that made the two days a great success. We hope to see you all be a part of our continued growth in 2014.

There is also no way and event can run without passionate people operating behind the scenes. A massive thanks to those that sacrifice their time to make it all work. Blaque Knight, Dylan Rosser, Astrid Lochner, Glenn Alexander and ‘The Ginger Kitty’ Ella – thanks for your assistance this past weekend.

Thanks again to Dylan, who has assisted with us being able to test our streaming ability via an LTE connection he has sourced and managed. The test proved a success considering we were sitting in a “black hole” of sorts, and we hope to improve the production going forward.

A thanks to the good people of MWEB Gamezone – not only did they assist with additional copies of the game, but their additional coverage is greatly appreciated. Thank you to Comet Computing (Tritton, Gunnar and Mad Catz) who we hope to have even more input from going forward. A thanks to GWSA who supplied two MVP awards which went to Damage from AA Gaming and Apex Predator from Opulence.

Finally, a thank you to Trenchtown who have been supporting gaming in SA for almost a year since they asked a lumbering zombie to operate some casual gaming every Wednesday night…

If you missed it via the livestream (or were not at the venue), this is the video of the final between AA Gaming and Opulence.