Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – Review (X360)

by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira


Next to the success of the movie- Transformers: Revenge of the fallen, Activision had the huge task of publishing the game. The movie was stunning. The toys make me wish I was ten again… let’s see how the game goes.

As we all must be familiar with the Transformer franchise, they are driving or flying machines that transform into huge and mighty Autobots and Decepticons, battling for global domination. The game follows the film’s plot in single player story-mode or you can play Multi-player online with various battle modes and all your favorite Transformers to choose from. It is suitable for age 7 up and is available on Xbox 360, PS3, PSP NDS, Wii and PC. It was developed by Luxoflux who are best known for Kung-Fu Panda.


Gameplay and Features

So you can choose either good or bad, and that will determine in the story-mode whether you will defend human kind or destroy. Autobots being the good, so I went with my ‘bad’ Zombie stereotype and chose to destroy with a Decepticon. There are 15-20 levels and a couple of missions within the levels. Once you complete a level you unlock ‘free-play’ mode. The first gripe I had with the game was its change from open-world to linear. At times I had to work out what I was doing which broke the flow of the game which is best at full-tilt.

One of the biggest improvements for me with the ‘next-gen consoles’ was their ability to really make the game feel like it would in reality, and this game definitely feels like what I think controlling a Transformer would feel like. Now the combat system I must say does not disappoint. Each Transformer has two main weapons including machine guns, missiles, grenade launchers etc. which can over-heat if you over do it. You also have melee attacks with the ability to string some nice combos or build up to a huge attack. Your weapons also build up in strength as you progress. One button held down transforms you to vehicle mode, and from there it feels very ‘arcade-like’, although this did make the flying transformers totally manageable to maneuver unlike many flying games who overly complicate flying controls. Overall combat was good fun, going through the various attacking options and seamlessly transforming. It had enough depth to keep me entertained when in battle.

Graphics are okay, but “what’s with the dull colour palettes?”. While the Transformers are modeled well, the cities where you battle begin to look all too familiar quickly and the title lets down in this regard.  Most buildings look drab with the colours chosen contributing and ultimately looked very un-life like. ‘Familiar’ was actually the theme when going further into the story-mode. With sound-affects and voices borrowed from film, big explosions etc, awesome mechanical sounds, the audio experience was a good one.

Surprisingly after the story-mode the multi-player was very charming, and I found this aspect the most rewarding and fun part of the game. You can play up to 8 players in teams of 4 or less. They include death-matches (by far my favorite), or moving pieces of the AllSpark to your base with team-mates protecting you and more. Until the mp mode I could not see myself playing this after a play-through, but I might just look at organizing some online nights after experiencing a small bit of the fast and furious pace of the multi-player goodness.


• Robot modeling
• The feel of the game-play
• Multi-player
• Megan Fox’s voice is used

• Michael Bay’s voice is used
• Sp repetitive
• AI sometimes had the Intel of a can of beans



Once again with a movie-based game, it felt restricted to the boundaries of the movie. It felt held back most of the time falling short of being a great game. Overall I was left feeling under-whelmed. However like ‘Trekkies’ will think ‘all things ‘Star-Trek’ are great, I suspect Transformer fans might enjoy this more than I did. It is probably a better fit with casual gamers as apposed to the core gamer. I think this might fall short and will ultimately be billed an ‘anti-climax’ when played after watching the movie. I mean it’s certainly not a bad game, but I think it could have been more.
Best in multi-player, but I think even there novelty might not be that long lived.

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