Transformers: Prime – The Game Headed To All Nintendo Platforms Including Wii U

Pic from other Transformers title

An ESRB rating confirms the previous rumours suggesting that a Transformers game was headed to Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U next-gen console.

MyNintendoNews are reporting on the ESRB rating which confirms Transformers: Prime – The Game is headed to the Wii U

The Transformers title will also be released on all current Nintendo platforms – including Nintendo DS, Wii and Nintendo 3DS, and will launch toward the end of the year.

Rating summary: 

This is an action game in which players assume the role of robot-like aliens (Autobots) from the Transformers franchise. As players explore urban and terrestrial environments (in robot/vehicle form), they use lasers, energy swords, and rockets to dispatch enemy robots. When in robot form, players’ character can also punch and kick robots in closer hand-to-hand combat. Skirmishes are accompanied by battle cries, gunfire/crashing sounds, and colorful sparks; enemies fall to the ground and disappear amid brief explosions.

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