Toxic Bunny HD | Zombiegamer Review

Reviewed by Kordian ‘CtrlAltDelZA’ Ignatiuk.

Rewind to the 90s. Platform games were the big thing – almost every game was platform based. Fast forward to 2012, welcome back. So what do you get if you cross toxic sludge and a caffeine intoxicated furball with the ability to cause pure carnage? Toxic Bunny HD of course.

Developer: Celestial Games
South African Distributor: Apex Interactive
For fans of: People who want a trip down gaming memory lane
Reviewed on: PC (only available on PC)
Score: 6/10

What I Liked

  • Remake of a South African classic by South Africans
  • Did I mention Local is lekker
  • Price

Not So Much

  • Control response time
  • Is it really HD?
  • Sometimes memories are best not re-lived


Toxic Bunny HD is a remake of Toxic Bunny (which was based on MS-Dos in the 90s) by the same developers. The story follows Toxic, a bunny whose life, friends, and morning cup of joe have been turned upside down by toxic sludge. Toxic sets out to get to the bottom of this by blowing the hell out of everything in his way, even his once friends, which are mindless zombie like creatures now (poor zombies, always picked on).


Platform games are nowhere near renowned for difficulty in gameplay as they mainly consist of maximum 4 action buttons and directional controls. With that said, they can still affect your enjoyment of your game. At times the response of action buttons does feel sluggish and can induce an uncontrollable urge to bash your keyboard.

The story of Toxic unfolds over four massive levels. The use of items along the way becomes evident from attaining a machine gun which doesn’t require reloading (poor zombies, so unfair) to the ability to make explosive potions (how fair is this for the zombies).

The difficulty of the game alters as you become used to using the keyboard 90’s style. Use of a controller or simpler peripheral also makes gameplay easier, especially for console gamers.


Being the 21st century and the progress in technology, I was expecting way more visually especially with the title possessing the acronym HD. Yes, there was a huge improvement from MS-Dos days and it is “cartoony”, but compared to other remakes, I feel more could have been done.

The sound effects of the game really supports the gameplay and improves upon the storyline of the game, gives Toxic more attitude. The fast paced music gives you that urgency to destroy anything that stands in your way.


The remake has progressed quite far but far enough? I’m not sure. At times the controls let me down a little and the visuals, I felt, just needed that little bit more. Being able to play a remake of South African classic was great but only for a limited time. It’s one of the games you club in with a buddy to share.

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