Top Call of Duty teams competing for first-ever X Games eSports medals!


Eight of the top Call of Duty competitive teams will be competing at X Games Austin from June 6-8 in the MLG X Games Invitational, marking a first in X Games history.

The Call of Duty Blog reveal that the top three teams will be awarded with the first-ever X Games medals for an eSports competition!

The eight teams that qualified for this event include the top three finishers from this year’s Call of Duty Championship, which are as follows:

#1: Evil Geniuses (formerly CompLexity)
#2: EnVyUs
#3: OpTic Gaming

The remainder of the eight teams competing are based on MLG Pro Points:

#4: OpTic Nation
#5: Team KaLiBeR
#6: FaZe Red
#7: Curse Orange
#8: Strictly Business

Good luck to all the teams. Go get your X Games medals!

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