If you’ve partaken in the Titanfall beta, you’d probably agree that the game does look mighty promising. From what we’ve heard, the beta is (or was) pretty outstanding.

This didn’t stop anyone from taking a potshot at it though, as it has been alleged that Respawn payed or encouraged press to talk up the game.

Dualshockers report that Titanfall producer, Drew McCoy took to the NeoGAF forums to promise improvements on the game, as well as respond to the allegations.

“Anyone who thinks we weren’t living in the shadow of decade+ old established franchises at our reveal at E3 are as crazy as their conspiracy theories of anyone getting paid off,” claimed McCoy.

“We’ve had to fight tooth and nail to have a game that anyone would even know existed, let alone be excited for and want to create coverage of.

“I get it that its not for everyone, but to say we’re paying anyone off is downright insanity. Not to mention the height of insulting.”

[via Appygamer] [thanks @CaptainGadgetHD]