Titanfall is the best selling Xbox One title to date


If you own an Xbox One, or even the Xbox 360 for that matter, you really should check out Titanfall. And not just because our ZombieDredd says so.

According to EA’s Peter Moore, Titanfall is the top selling title for Xbox One to date.

Speaking with Game Informer, Moore declined to mention specific figures, but praised the success of Titanfall on the new Microsoft console.

“Sales are always going to be inhibited and governed by the install base, but [Titanfall] is attaching incredibly well,” Moore said.

“Titanfall is the best selling title on Xbox One lifetime to date.”

Titanfall was not officially released in South Africa, following claims by EA that our internet infrastructure could not perform as needed for the online multiplayer based game.

This turned out to be incorrect as we only hear positive things about the Xbox One’s performance with Titanfall locally. And our own ZombieDredd is successfully enjoying the Xbox 360 version.

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