TimeGate now claiming the Lion’s share of Aliens: Colonial Marines development


And the Aliens: Colonial Marines saga continues…

Earlier in the week Gearbox president Randy Pitchford claimed that TimeGate only contributed to “about 20 or 25 percent of the total time,” of the game’s development. This came after an alleged former Gearbox developer claimed that Gearbox had farmed out the game’s campaign, and worked on the multiplayer portion.

MCV are reporting that a TimeGate representative has now posted on the company forum, saying that the studio did around half the work. Another source went one step further still, claiming that that TimeGate was the majority contributor to development.

“TimeGate definitely played a much bigger role in the development of Aliens than either Gearbox or Sega is letting on,” an anonymous source told Rock Paper Shotgun.

“Aliens: Colonial Marines is essentially TimeGate’s game. From my understanding, almost all of TimeGate has been working on it for a few years, and they are not a small studio.”

The source called Pitchford’s claim that TimeGate handled about 20 per cent of development of the game as “fabrication.”

“Preproduction is a very insubstantial period in a game’s development,” he said.

“For him to say that the contribution was equal sans preproduction is basically saying it’s equal. You can see that Randy’s math isn’t really adding up. If TimeGate did half, and Gearbox did half, where does that leave Demiurge, Nerve, and Darkside?”

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