THQ’s New Boss Says Saint’s Row The Third Humour is “Embarrassing”

Anyone who played Saints Row: The Third will know that the THQ published title is a little ‘offbeat’ and tugs at your sense of humour. The game also notoriously featured a giant purple dildo which demonstrates the bold and outrageous sense of humour intended for the title.

THQ’s recently appointed new president, Jason Rubin does not seem to share in the laughs. The THQ boss recently told TheVerge that Saints Row: The Third was “embarrassing.”

Rubin did acknowledge that the title was a success and that he was well aware that hard work that was put into it by developer Volition, but suggested that he hoped the developer could make “something that isn’t embarrassing.”

“Why couldn’t that be a Red Dead Redemption or a Skyrim?”

“I look at that title and I say, ‘Who cares what it is and why it got to be what it is? From that team we can make something that isn’t embarrassing.”