Thief 4_01

A title that I personally had high hopes for, and it could still be an enjoyable title, but thus far Thief has been received to a lukewarm reception with the critics.

The reboot stealth title has score an average of 69/100 on PC, and 70/100 on both the Xbox One and Playstation 4, as per Metacritic.

Many of the reviews posted scored around the 70 mark, but there were a few that scored significantly higher in the various platform:

Eurogamer Italy
90/100 (PS4)
One of the best action-stealth titles in years and the first serious contender for the “2014 Game of the Year” contest.

Canadian Online Gamers
Despite some of Thief’s annoyances, the game is rich in detail and hard to put down.
83/100 (PC)
Thief is a good game that fans of the stealth genre will appreciate but it has several gameplay flaws that keep it far from being a new masterpiece.

Gamereactor Sweden
80/100 (PC)
Garrett is back with a mighty stealthy adventure that perhaps tries a little bit too hard to cater to the interests of everyone. But it is still an entertaining adventure that Gamereactor highly recommends for thieves and people that like good games.

So it seems some enjoyed it more than others, and nobody hated it.

Thief will be available this coming Friday, 28 February for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.