Speaking with Ubisoft Montreal Realisation Director, Antoine Fortier-Auclair at rAge 2013, we asked if, aesthetics aside, there would be a major difference between the next and current-generation versions of Black Flag.

Fortiet-Auclair responded by telling us that there will not be a major difference, explaining that Ubisoft did not “want to abandon the people that have been with Ubisoft since AC 1.”

“It was very important for us to make sure we didn’t abandon our fans, because they’ve been buying our games year in and year out,” explained Fortier-Auclair.

“We’re appreciative of that and so with that we decided that the advanced features on next-gen will be mostly aesthetic.”

Fortier-Auclair explained that the PS4 version will feature unique features for the map which utilizes the PS4 touchpad.

He did however explain that some of the aesthetic aspects that were capable with the next-gen versions “are incredible.”

“Things like the vegetation, the transparency of the sails, the ocean water is gorgeous,” he explained.

“So things like the weather system, is just beautiful. So it will look better on next-gen, but we were conscience of not alienating anyone on any given platform. This was super important.”

You can read the full interview here.