There be pirates out there!


Pirates.  We all wanted to be one as a kid, and some of continued that proud tradition.  In Decemeber 2009, over 9.78 million continued the tradition.  The ocean must be a nasty place now.

Actually, it’s the internet super highway and recordable media that’s the new high seas – although we all knew that.

According to a study conducted by the International Intellectual Property Alliance and the Entertainment Software Association, which scoured “the most popular peer-to-peer platforms” for a group of 200 titles, the following was found:

The worst offenders (by country) were Spain (12.5 percent), France (7.5 percent), Brazil (6 percent) and China (5.7 percent) — the ESA also points out that these stats “demonstrate a strong correlation between countries that lack sufficient protections for technological protection measures and countries where online piracy levels for entertainment software are high.”

Worse yet, the figures are repeatedly noted as being an under-representation of actual piracy numbers. “While they account for illegal downloads that occur over select P2P platforms, they do not account for the downloads that occur from ‘cyberlockers’ and ‘one-click’ hosting sites, which continue to account for high volumes of infringing downloads,” the ESA echoes. The IIPA has since submitted the findings to the United States Trade Representative who could potentially impose sanctions on certain countries based on the recommendations.

Erm…bad people.  Bad pirates.