Three Eastern Vita titles now coming to the West


PS Vita owners can look forward to three new Sony Japan studio titles that were previously only Eastern bound.

Freedom Wars, an action-RPG that looks rather awesome, is set in a penal colony in the far future. Release is scheduled for this year.

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines is a JRPG revolving around Japanese mythology. No release date has been set.

Soul Sacrifice Delta— is a beefed up version of last year’s Soul Sacrifice. The Delta version ships with new Archfiends, sorcerers, arenas, spells, and quests. Soul Sacrifice Delta is due for release in May.

We played Soul Sacrifice last year, and it remains one of the best titles we’ve played on the Vita. The story is deep, the gameplay is intuitive and it uses the Vita’s tech well.

[via Gamespot]

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