The Xbox SmartGlass Development Kit Becomes Available for Developing

Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass is gaining momentum as the Software Development Kit has now been released for development.

The free SDK download is available for partners that have agreements to develop Xbox games or entertainment applications for Xbox 360.

VideoGamer has listed the SDK’s features as follows:

  • Xbox SmartGlass Studio. Xbox SmartGlass Studio enables developers to start building Xbox SmartGlass Activities.
  • Xbox SmartGlass JavaScript Library. The JavaScript Library contains a set of device APIs that are consistent across all platforms.
  • Sample Code. A sample application that provides developers with an example of how to build an Xbox SmartGlass Activity.

The Xbox SmartGlass service will allow tablet computers and smartphones to communicate with its the Xbox 360, and allows users to control games on the touchscreen devices and can show extra information about progress.

Users will be able to also us handhelds as controllers and it is said to work with devices like the TV.

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