The War Z Pulled From Steam as Valve Call Release a ‘Mistake’


After all the controversy following the launch of PC exclusive, The War Z, Valve has pulled the game off Steam claiming the release was a mistake.

The game remains listed but is no longer purchasable. Valve has also decided to offer refunds to any customers who felt they were mislead by the current state of the game.

“From time to time a mistake can be made and one was made by prematurely issuing a copy of War Z for sale via Steam,” a Valve rep told Kotaku [via MCV].

“We apologize for this and have temporary removed the sale offering of the title until we have time to work with the developer and have confidence in a new build.”

“Those who purchase the game and wish to continue playing it via Steam may do so. Those who purchased the title via Steam and are unhappy with what they received may seek a refund by creating a ticket at our support site here.”

Many who purchased The War Z have lodged complaints, claiming they had been misled with the title’s deceptive description. Some have also complained about the plagued micro-transactions and censorship on the game’s forums.

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