‘The Video Game Bar Association’ launched

GamesIndustryBiz reports that ‘The Video Game Bar Association’ has been officially launched in Los Angeles, which aims to become a worldwide organisation to connect lawyers and legal practitioners involved in the games industry. The association has sent out over 100 invitations to potential future members across Europe and the US.

The establishing board members are industry veterans – George Rose, executive vice president and chief public policy officer at Activision Blizzard and David Anderson, vice president of business and legal affairs for THQ.

Patrick Sweeney, head of Reed Smith’s Video Game Practice and another member of the association’s Board explains that the legal issues facing a games attorney are “unique” and with the rapid growth of a worldwide games industry, “an association of like-minded practitioners in this dynamic industry is long overdue.

“As more and more attorneys look at this growing industry as a significant part of their practices, it’s only natural for an organization like this to arise. I’m thrilled to be working with David, George, Dave and Konni in launching the V.G.B.A,” adds Sweeney.