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A month and a bit back we brought to your attention that in the congested local Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene, the return of the E-Frag World Championships suggested that South Africa had a slot again, but that it was not about to be the same as last year’s qualifier. With Bravado Gaming’s Andreas ‘Cent’ Hadjipaschali listed as the South African contact, it was already clear something was brewing and that the team that would represent our fine land would feature players from some of the top teams in the country.

Of course, getting around the slightly difficult matter of what name such a team will play under meant some creative thinking, so enter the Southern Barbarians – the name picked up by the Battlefield community for their bout in the Nations Challenge. Yes, South Africa will be at the E-Frag World Championships but playing under the name of the Southern Barbarians.

The team (which was selected via a detailed panel selection process and can be viewed in the press release below) will take on Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria & Morocco during August and if the Southern Barbarians come out on top, they will be heading to Belgrade in Serbia from the 12th to 16th of October for the LAN grand finals (with all flights and accommodation paid for by E-Frag). The qualifiers will be a round robin event and plans are being made to try and find a middle-ground when it comes to a server, so that no team is greatly (or unfairly) affected by latency.

In the press release, Andreas ‘Cent’ Hadjipaschali pointed out that the team is from South Africa but “DOES NOT IN ANY WAY represent the official South African Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team and in no ways represents ‘Team South Africa’ – the players, managers, coaches & team is simply a squad from South Africa who will represent The Southern Barbarians brand”. I don’t know about the rest of you, but that’s pretty clear to us.

With that out of the way, these are the players and coach that will carry the hopes of a nation on their soldiers:

Core Lineup

  1. Ruan ‘Elusive’ Van Wyk (Captain, In-game leader & support) from Bravado Gaming
  2. Rieghardt ‘Flexee’ Romatzki (Turret & Multi-fragging) from Carbon E-Sports
  3. Rhys ‘Fadey’ Armstrong (Entry) from Carbon E-Sports
  4. Dimitri ‘Detrony’ Hadjipaschali (Lurk) from Bravado Gaming
  5. Robby ‘Blackpoison’ Da Loca (AWP) from Bravado Gaming


  1. Daniel ‘Spoof’ Van Wyk (Coach) from Carbon E-Sports

Reserves (in order)

  1. Aran ‘Sonic’ Groesbeek (Reserve) from Bravado Gaming
  2. Dominic ‘Domster’ Sampaio (Reserve) from Aperture Gaming
  3. Stefan ‘Nefan’ Smit (Reserve) from Energy E-Sports

Now there may be same who will wonder why Bravado Gaming or one of the other organisations didn’t just represent in the tournament, but the rules for the E-Frag tournament allow only a maximum of three players from one team or MGO.

This year looks like the year a real challenge can be mounted against the rest of Africa and then the world, so we suggest you get behind the Southern Barbarians by heading over to their Facebook page over the next few months and spamming their timeline with hearts. Or just words of encouragement if you prefer.

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Some of you may have heard that I (Andreas ‘Cent’ Hadjipaschali) have been selected as the team manager to field a squad for the E-Frag: The World Championships (TWC) CSGO qualifier. After multiple discussions with the crew at E-Frag, they have decided to allow us to make this a realization by fielding the best possible combination of players under one banner & brand to show the rest of the world what we’re made of.

First and foremost, this team or opportunity DOES NOT IN ANY WAY represent the official South African Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team and in no ways represents ‘Team South Africa’ – the players, managers, coaches & team is simply a squad from South Africa who will represent The Southern Barbarians brand & will be partaking in the TWC qualifiers as a team FROM South Africa. I hope this is crystal clear with everyone.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that only a maximum of 3 players from one team/mgo are allowed to be part of the Southern Barbarians core-lineup (E-Frag: TWC rules) which excludes reserves. If a reserve needs to fill in for one of the core-players, the same rule will apply and thus moving to another reserve where not more than 3 players from a single/team mgo may play together, in this core-lineup.

Initially I was asked to field a team by choosing players to represent the squad. However, I feel that this wasn’t fair as my views may differentiate from the views of other individuals with in-depth knowledge about our CS:GO competitive community.

Because of this reason, I had initially included 6 other panel members to assist in a discussion/voting procedure based on the line-up that would be chosen.

I would have loved to open up the primary voting to the public, but as a competitive individual (trying to field the best possible squad) I felt that some people may not have sufficient knowledge about our competitive players and/or may be biased based on voting (eg: favoritism) along with a few other factors – this is absolutely no offense to anyone as I am simply just trying to be professional.

Please do understand that I’m trying to field the best possible squad to represent The Southern Barbarians at the TWC. Some may agree with the route that I have taken and others may not but unfortunately I can’t offer the best of both worlds – but I’m trying to formulate something within middle grounds to be as effective as possible. 


Initially the panel for voting would have included 7 individuals (including myself).

After having a discussion with a total of 5 panel members (1 was unable to make the meeting due to personal reasons) we came to a unanimous decision (the 5 of us) which means that regardless of the 6th (unable to attend, but did agree with the final vote) and 7th (not chosen yet) the majority was in favor of the vote.

The individuals who were chosen (by me & other panel members) were as follows:

  1. Andreas ‘cent’ Hadjipaschali. (Present at meeting & voted)
  • Previous player and captain of Bravado Gaming.
  • Current manager/coach of the Bravado Gaming CS:GO squad.
  • International experience: YES
  • Years of CS experience: 12+.
  1. Daniel ‘spoof’ Van Wyk. (Present at meeting & voted)
  • Previous player and captain of Carbon E-Sports.
  • Current manager/coach of the Carbon E-Sports squad.
  • International experience: NO
  • Years of CS experience: 12+
  1. Riaan ‘style’ Van Niekerk (Present at meeting & voted)
  • Current player for Damage Control.
  • International experience: YES.
  • Years of CS experience: 12+
  1. James ‘zerochance’ Wyjnberg. (Unable to attend the meeting but has agreed to the final vote )
  • Previous captain of Energy E-Sports + Aperture Gaming.
  • Current player for Flipside South Africa.
  • International experience: YES
  • Years of CS experience: 12+
  1. Dane ‘racno’ Friedman. (Present at meeting & voted)
  • Previous player and co-captain of the Bravado Gaming CS:GO squad.
  • International experience: YES
  • Years of CS experience: 12+
  1. Sharon ‘shzzchk’ Waison. (Present at meeting & voted)
  • Previous Team Karma player (NA).
  • Winner of Copenhagen Games 2015 (females).
  • International experience: YES 


Before I continue I would like to take this opportunity to express on behalf of myself and the other panel members (yes, they told me to make sure I included this statement!) HOW HARD (and I really mean it) this final decision was. We discussed about scenarios and situations for about an hour and a half before we came to a final vote and conclusion.

Many of you may agree and many of you may not agree on the individuals we have selected to represent the squad. We needed to ensure that there was a correct balance of experience, leadership & raw potential (development) to try and achieve the best possible result. We also wanted to ensure that there was evident synergy between players (hence a 3-2 split) as we would be limited to the amount of time we would be able to practice with each other (because of another ton of events going on).

We came to a situation where we had included too much raw potential and too little experience/leadership and then another scenario where we had included too much leadership/experience and too little raw potential.

At the end of the day it’s important to develop raw and potential players, but its also important that we do well by using individuals with experience to make this a realization – proving to the world that a ‘mix’ team FROM South Africa can do well, allowing for future opportunity into our country in the form of investment (events, finance, qualifiers, whatever it may be). “If a mix team can do well, imagine what their established teams can do” – this is one of the messages I wanted to bring across.

Many of you may ask why a specific individual may not have been included into the line-up and the truth is that we needed to conclude a result that would boast a good medium between experience/leadership & raw potential. What was also important were the roles that these individuals need to play as we also ended up in a few situations where certain individuals roles would have collided with others and thus resulting in a role not being fulfilled (Entry, Captain, AWP, Rifle, Lurk, etc). Due to restrictions from E-Frag, we were only allowed to pick ‘x’ number of individuals from each team.

This doesn’t mean that the players who weren’t chosen are not ‘top tier’ players but rather players that we couldn’t replace other core-players with. A simple example would have been Sonic (the final vote actually came down between Sonic and Elusive and was insanely hard to choose – literally 50.1% to 49.9%) who is considered (and rightfully so) as the top 3 player in South Africa or even Domster who is one of the most upcoming players in this country. Unfortunately due to roles (in-game, experience, raw, leadership) and/or rules (3 player rule) and/or time restraints (synergy & practice) we had come to a final vote on the player selection.

It was a tough decision but we felt given the team selection criteria that we have chosen from 20 preselected is going to represent The Southern Barbarians in the best fashion and have the best opportunity of bringing back a positive result. – The Panel.

We needed a captain, lurk, AWP, Entry, Multi-Fragger & coach and I am pleased to announce, the official line-up of the Southern Barbarians CS:GO squad (from a shortlist of 20).

Below, I will include:

  1. Green: Core-lineup (5x)
  2. Blue: Coach (1x)
  3. Yellow: Reserves (3x)
  4. Orange: Individuals who were discussed and part of the voting process.
Nickname Full Name Role Current Team Age
1.      Elusive Ruan Van Wyk Captain, In-Game Leader & Support Bravado Gaming 23
2.      JT Johnny Theodosiou Carbon E-Sports
3.      Flexee Rieghardt Romatzki Multi-Fragger Carbon E-Sports 16
4.      Sonic (1) Aran Groesbeek Bravado Gaming
5.      Fadey Rhys Armstrong Entry Fragging Carbon E-Sports 18
6.      Style Riaan Van Niekerk Damage Control
7.      Domster (2) Dominic Sampaio   Aperture Gaming
8.      Nefan (3) Stefan Smit Energy E-Sports
9.      Detrony Dimitri Hadjipaschali Lurker Bravado Gaming 25
10.   Golz Ashton Muller Bravado Gaming
11.   Kani Trevor Morley Aperture Gaming
12.   Hellhound Jannie Van Niekerk Damage Control
13.   Deviant Richard Groves Aperture Gaming
14.   Takbok Jan Theron Energy E-Sports
15.   Blackpoison Robby Da Loca AWP Bravado Gaming 23
16.   T.C Tiaan Coertzen Energy E-Sports
17.   Zeo Jaun Nieuwoudt Energy E-Sports
Spoof Daniel Van Wyk Coach Carbon E-Sports
18.   Conspiracy Willie van Graan Flipside South Africa
19.   Hackem Dean Seyfried Aperture Gaming
20.   Lighter Thulani Sishi Aperture Gaming

Congratulations to the following players for being selected

Core Lineup

  1. Ruan ‘Elusive’ Van Wyk (Captain, In-game leader & support)
  2. Rieghardt ‘Flexee’ Romatzki (Turret & Multi-fragging)
  3. Rhys ‘Fadey’ Armstrong (Entry)
  4. Dimitri ‘Detrony’ Hadjipaschali (Lurk)
  5. Robby ‘Blackpoison’ Da Loca (AWP)


  1. Daniel ‘Spoof’ Van Wyk (Coach)

Reserves (in order)

  1. Aran ‘Sonic’ Groesbeek (Reserve)
  2. Dominic ‘Domster’ Sampaio (Reserve)
  3. Stefan ‘Nefan’ Smit (Reserve) 


The official Southern Barbarian squad will compete in the online qualifiers of the TWC against Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria & Morocco during the month of August (dates to be announced) and if victorious, will attend the grand finals in Belgrade, Serbia from the 12th – 16th of October – flights and accommodation paid for by E-Frag. This will include the 5 core members as well as the coach.

The format of the online qualifiers will take place in a round-robin format. For more information you can visit

We are in the process of developing an effective solution making the online qualifiers as fair as possible (from a distance/latency) perspective. This includes working on a server in Nairobi, Kenya where we can share the ping with certain other competitors. More information will be revealed closer to the time of the qualifiers.

PLEASE NOTE: The squad and/or it’s members partaking in the TWC  are in NO way representing ‘South Africa’ as ‘Team South Africa’. These members and team will be representing The Southern Barbarians from South Africa. We have made this very clear with E-Frag.

We hope that the community can back the decision we have made and support our boys throughout this event! Lots of love to everyone.

You can also visit the official Southern Barbarians Facebook Page at regarding updates and information!