The Sims 3 ‘Aurora Skies’ now available


The Sims 3 ‘Aurora Skies’ digital world is now available from The SimsStore.

The new world takes players to a northern region described as “a spacious environment that offers the very best of eco-friendly living.” Scientific Sims can find work in the world, as Aurora Skies features the ‘Cure-All-Collective science building,’ a place for innovative green technologies. The new world is also apparently a place of leisure with the majestic, towering waterfalls, multi-colored sky, large, geo-thermal lake and the elaborately decorated hot air balloons.

From the press release:


These hot air balloons are a brand new premium object for Sims to climb into and soar the beautiful skies. They are fully-customizable and are perfect for Sim couples looking for the ultimate romantic adventure. It has been rumored that these hot air balloons are the prime source for the recent peak of infants and toddlers around the world as merely being in one increases Sims’ odds for romance.

It’s lucky for these Sims that The Sims 3Aurora Skies is available in a Gold Edition that offers an all-new venue, the Tiny Prodigies Early Learning Center – the perfect place for Sims to take their toddlers and children. The Tiny Prodigies Early Learning Center features three floors of various spaces – offering something for all Sims. There’s a reading nook, an outdoor play area, an in-door swimming pool, an art room and even a lounge area for adult Sims to relax in while their little ones are off learning.

The Sims 3 Aurora Skies is now available in the Standard Edition or Gold Edition at The Sims 3 Store.

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