This past weekend was the 2015 edition of the really Awesome gaming expo (or rAge if you prefer) and as is now common place with rAge, the DoGaming Championship was held in the bowels of the Ticketpro Dome.

It was also the last edition of the DoGaming Championship and the end of the DoGaming brand in general. From 2016, DGL and DGC will go by the name Digital Gaming League and Digital Gaming Championships and will feature the Telkom DGL Masters in 2016.

But before we all worry about 2016 and the number of ‘masters’ doing the rounds, let’s wrap up the results from the 2015 edition of things.

DGC_AW Xone_01

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Xbox One)

1st Place – Astra Infinite (or AI Carbon)
(1 Year Kontrol Freek Sponsorship + R25,000)

2nd Place – Ventus Gaming
(Kontrol Freek Gear + R8,000)

3rd Place – Insane Gaming
(Kontrol Freek Gear + R5,000)

4th Place – ViNCO Gaming



Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PC)

1st Place – Altitude Kinguin

2nd Place – eN.Blaze.DGC (Energy eSports)


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

1st Place – Bravado Gaming

2nd Place – eN.Heat (Energy eSports)

DGC_Dota 2_01

Dota 2

1st Place – Bravado Gaming

2nd Place – WRG.NewB


League of Legends

1st Place – eN.Re Vera (Energy eSports)

2nd Place – Ventus Gaming


Battlefield 4

1st Place – ApG.Blitzkrieg

2nd Place – puLse.Evolve

3rd Place – xTc.Legion

4th Place – xTc.Black



1st Place –  Dale ‘Pand3m0nia’ Pon

2nd Place – Greg ‘GrazE’ Bloch

Heroes of the Storm

This was not part of DGC but featured at the Rectron stand. Bravado Gaming took first spot in the tournament.

Our congratulations to all the teams that participated and won their respective titles.