The Mweb Ladders Mad Catz Super 8 Battlefield 3 Tournament for PS3 Announced

Mweb Ladder BF3

MWEB Gamezone and its ladder system is spreading its wings, and will be hosting the Mad Catz Super 8 Battlefield 3 Tournament on PS3.

The tournament plans to set the best South African Battlefield 3 teams against each other for their share of prizes in a massive 12 v 12 war. The tournament will first run as a ladder system until the top eight teams face off in the ‘Super 8’ knockout phase on the completion of the ladders.

Up for grabs are products with a total prize value of around R30 000 (at least, that’s based on my best maths). There has never been a better reason to recruit 11 friends to go to virtual war with. Prizes are sponsored by Mad Catz, Tritton, Gunnar & MWEB GameZone.

Here’s the skinny:

  • Registrations are now open now and the tournament kicks off on 1 July 2013
  • You and your 11 team mates must register here.
  • Details of how to create your team can be found here. You need a minimum of 12 players per team, but the maximum number of players is unlimited.
  • The team leader must then invite his players to the team. How to do this can be found here.
  • Two members of each team must register on the Battlelog Platoon for the event.
  • The rules for the tournament are available here.
  • You can also follow the the chatter about the tournament on the SA Gamer Forums.


/*== Format of Tournament ==*/ 

The format of the league will be as follows and be based on 12 vs 12.

1x TDM Match: Not counting towards anything, just to get all players online and ready to go.
2x Conquest: 1 Map will be played twice, with each team deploying from both sides of the map and battling it out.
2x Rush: 1 Map will be played twice, with each team needing to Attach & Defend.
1x Capture The Flag: 1 Map will be played once.


The fixtures of the tournament will be structured as a ladder (a persistent leader board that is automatically updated as soon as reported results are confirmed).
Each team will need to play against all other entered teams, the objective being to score enough points to end in the Top 8 on the ladder.

Each week, you will be notified of the teams that you will need to successfully challenge and play in the week.
The ladder system has a built-in challenge system that allows you the flexibility to arrange matches at times and dates that suit both teams, however, ALL SCHEDULED MATCHES MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN A WEEK.
If you have not completed all matches in the week, you will forfeit that match, more of this in the approved rules.

At this stage, we have planned around 12 teams entered, so if we spread this over 3 weeks, you will need to play 3 matches per week.
However, if you guys feel playing 3 games a week is a bit hectic, we can arrange to make it 2, but that will just extend the duration of the league itself.

After all matches were played, Top 8 will advance to the Knockout Rounds.

1st Prize: 12 x MLG Controllers for PS3
2nd Prize: 12 x Tritton Kunai headsets for PS3
3rd Prize: 12 x Gunnar Optic Gaming Glasses

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