Capetonians may remember one of the original gaming get-togethers – 2upGamers. It brought together local gamers once a month to engage with industry sorts and fellow gamers, while trying out both software and hardware new releases. There was swag, food, and plenty of friends made. It came to life in 2011 and kept going for around three years, influencing a number of events and even leading to the existence of some current organisations. [Essentially, there’s a history lesson involving zombies becoming what the zombies have become. But we won’t go into that now. – Undead Ed]

All this leads to the MWEB Gaming Gathering. On paper it is a nod to the 2upGamer events, but obviously it is an event for the current age. Expect to “Gather, Gab and Game.” Expect swag. Expect food and drinks and expect to feel a little better with yourself when you find out that a portion of the proceeds goes to Hospice. Ticket price for the evening is a reasonable R80, which certainly won’t get you much on a normal night out, but you will get plenty on 22 February. Tickets are limited to 60 entrants, so book yours today.

The event is brought to life by MWEB, ACGL and first event headline sponsors MSI. Debonairs will be supplying pizzas to sate the hunger, while Reboost Energy Drinks will be on hand to quench the thirst. Speakers in attendance will include Grant Hinds, Gareth Woods, Nick Holden and more.

You can expect the following to happen over the course of the evening:

  1. Gather [18:00 – 19:00] : Attendees will come together at the MWEB offices to enjoy some food and drink. We are very excited that Debonairs will be jumping on board to cater to our lucky guests who will be able to enjoy from a wide selection of menu items provided by the best dressed pizza delivery in South Africa. Additionally players will be kept refreshed thanks to Reboost Energy Drinks.
  2. Gab [19:00 – 20:30]:  Talking about the one thing we all love – games. Whether it’s creating, playing, learning, selling or competing – we want guests to be able enjoy and interact with the conversation on a wide variety of topics relating to our local industry.
  3. Game [20:30 – 23:00]: Once the talking is done, it’s time to get some hands-on time with some of the latest gaming releases whilst playing on some of the best hardware available provided by the event sponsor MSI. Join MSI to witness the latest games releases such as Battlefield V, Anthem and Metro Exodus – each running at their highest visual fidelity.


  • Date: Friday, 22 February 2019
  • Time: From 17h30
  • Where: MWEB, 100 Fairway Close, Golf Course, Cape Town
  • Cost: R80 per person | Buy Here
  • Ticket purchase gets you:
    • Entry to the Event
    • Food and Drink
    • Limited Edition MSI Avatar Item  
    • Swag Bag