The MWEB Gamezone GiB program heads to console

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MWEB Gamezone is excited to announce that the successful ‘Gamers in Beta’ (GiB) training program on PC will be making a move to the consoles.

Teams and players currently participating in the Autumn Mad Catz (PS3) and Razer (Xbox 360) Ladders are all eligible to participate – either as trainers or trainees – in what is being dubbed the ‘Pro-Am’ Tournament.

On completion of the ladders on 29 May, any team that falls outside of the top eight in their respective ladders will be able to apply to the program for training, which will be restricted to eight teams on the Xbox 360. The admin staff will also approach teams that don’t apply to offer them a spot if there is a general feeling that the team has a good potential to gain experience from the program.

Meanwhile, teams that end the ladders in the top eight of their respective ladder will be the pool from which the ‘training officers’ are drawn from.  In an effort to improve the community, two volunteers from each of the top eight teams will be sought to form the basis of the training teams – or ‘pros’.

The two ‘pros’ will then be randomly assigned to one of the eight teams and will be their mentors over a short tournament which aims to offer lessons in a real time competitive situation.

The main reason for the restriction to Xbox 360 as the training platform is due to the party chat option, and due to the simple fact that this is essentially a trial to see how well this program will work.

How it will work:

The eight teams will play each other once in a round robin.

The ‘pro’ player available for the match will be able to coach their team via party chat.  In four of the seven games in the round robin, the ‘pro’ may actually sub for one of the team members.  This can be decided among the players as to when it is most advantageous, and is restricted to one ‘pro’ and four games only.

The games must be completed within a two week period starting Monday 10 June and ending on Monday 24 June.

The tournament will be played using the familiar MWEB Ladders ruleset.

That’s not all though, to give the GIB teams a proper taste of intense competition, the development program will culminate in an intense Single Elimination Tournament on Saturday,  6 July 2013. The round robin placements will be used as seedings for the tournament, and GIB teams will have to compete without the help of their trainers. Finals and semi-finals will be live streamed from the MCave, giving the GIB teams some richly deserved exposure to show off their newly honed skills.

What it’s about:

The program is about improving the quality of competitive gaming in South Africa, and turning to the players to help impart their experience and abilities on their fellow players.  Tips, weapon selection, map knowledge and more will be on the agenda, with the aim being to improve the competitiveness of teams whose full potential is not yet tapped.

Only you can be a part of improving the quality of competitive gaming in South Africa.  Register your interest as either a tutor or student on the MWEB Gamezone Forums and do your part.

To apply to become a trainer: Sign up HERE (Pro)

To apply to have your team selected for GIB training: Sign up HERE (Am)

Please note:

Teams wanting to participate in the ‘Pro-Am’ training must please list their team captain and three team members. No substitutes will be allowed other than the ‘pro’.

Warm Welcome:

I feel a little foolish writing about myself like this, so this is straight from the Mweb Gamezone Announcement – as is the majority of this article.

The MWEB GameZone team would also like to extend a very warm welcome Clint O’Shea, better known as Zombie Dredd, who will be taking on the mantle as Head of the Gamers in Beta program. Clint will be co-ordinating more initiatives like this to help develop and grow online gaming in South Africa.

Just to alleviate any concerns. I will not actually train anyone personally. That is just a disaster waiting to happen. I’ve only been asked to manage, because apparently I’m pretty OK at doing that.