The Last of Us

The Last of Us was reportedly toned down for PAL territories.

GameSpot report that Naughty Dog has confirmed that some of the more graphic content found in the North American version of the game was toned down for European versions, to meet legal requirements in their respective regions.

Some players reportedly suspected differences, and Naughty Dog developer EvangM confirmed on the game’s forums:

“1. The gore and violence ratings are subject to local regulatory boards in various countries, so the game must be slightly changed in order to accommodate [sic] those choices.

“2. To be honest, I’m not sure what version Australia is getting. If you import the North/South American version, it will not be censored, but EU/UK will be.”

According to players who posted on both the Naughty Dog and Playstation forums, the are differing animations when performing executions, the removal of enemy limb dismemberment, and the amount of blood spray experienced when killing another player during multiplayer matches.