The Golf Club not “innovatively confined” by being a mainstream sports game


In an interview with Polygon, HB Studios executive producer Peter Garcin explained that many or the team’s ideas for The Golf Club might not have been possible had it been a sports game that would target the mainstream.

“We had a number of really […] what we felt were innovative ideas that we wanted to explore that we probably would not — that are harder, maybe, to explore under the confines of a yearly franchise,” explained Garcin.

HB realised that the game had “a lot of cross-platform potential” too, so soon after it began developing the game, a Windows PC version was added to development.

Another of the game’s major focus will be the social sharing of user-generated content, for which a robust course creation tool will be used. This too might not have been possible, had it been confined to targeting the mainstream market.

Garcin does however assure that the creator tool will be simple enough to use with a controller and extensive enough to allow players to build elaborate courses.

The creator tool gives users the ability to produce a playable course almost instantly by providing just few parameters. From there players can change elements like the width of fairways, the size of greens, the number of bunkers and so forth. Users will also be able to create courses from scratch.

“It’s one thing to just generate some landscape and chuck some holes down. But it’s another thing to generate it in a way that it seems like it’s actually fun to play and is based on real-world construction and that kind of stuff,” he claimed.

Garcin says the developers have tried recreating real-life courses, and have very closely replicated layouts.

“You can pretty much create any course that you want, and any sort of aspect of that course, using the editor — or you can get very, very close.”

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