The Golf Club “next-gen golf game” out this year


There won’t be an EA PGA Tour release this year, but golf fans can look forward to HB Studios’ The Golf Club.

It gets better, as GameSpot report that HB Studios, a Canadian independent developer, actually worked on various EA Sports titles.

HB Studios say The Golf Club is a “next-gen” golf game, and is due in the third quarter for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

The Golf Club will reportedly deliver a fully featured golf experience with negligible load times – so players won’t wait through any load times whatsoever between holes. Switching courses will also only require a “minimal” load time.

“Sitting watching a loading bar for minutes as you wait for a game to load and half a minute between holes can be miserable,” HB Studios said.

“Rapid access is behind every design decision made on this game.”

The Golf Club will offer procedurally generated golf courses instead of virtual depictions of real-world courses.

The Golf Club does not look like it will feature any PGA Tour licenses, so not only will there be no real Tour courses, but no EA linked players either.

Read more about The Golf Club on the Official site.

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