The Golf Club going the ‘Steam Early Access’ route


The quickest way you’ll get your hands on HB Studios’ The Golf Club will be on PC, through Steam.

The developer announced on its blog [as cited by Gamespot] that The Golf Club will be going into a closed beta on PC, and thereafter will be made available as an Early Access game on Steam.

The Golf Club will be launching on PS4, Xbox One and PC in the Northern Hemisphere in spring, so hopefully around the third-quarter locally. HB Studios has not however signed a publisher as of yet, so we are not sure about local availability, at retail at least.

To recap, HB Studios have developed games for EA Sports before going independent. The Golf Club’s trump card will be the ability for players to generate and share golf courses, with in-game tools that the studio says will allow users to virtually create and re-create extensive courses.

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