The future is… Invisible? Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Ghost Recon

By Ricky/C

Ubisoft are hard at work on their latest Tom Clancy title: Ghost Recon Future Soldier and it should be available near the end of this year on various platforms.

With the current and ongoing changes in the global political climate, the future will see a new breed of soldiers. They will be trained, state of the art fighting machines, so called F-16’s on legs. The future soldier will stand out from the rest, by its ability to remain undetected while outfitted with the best high-tech gear ever made. Being able to slip behind enemy lines, flying under the political radar and using a combination of skills and force to achieve his objective. He is a Ghost.

You’ll be a member of the elite Ghost Recon. Specialized in every area of combat, you are one of the few with the power, strategies, survival and combat skills to be a future soldier. Armed with current prototype and real-world weaponry you’ll dominate the battlefields.


This trailer released yesterday shows just how impressive the future soldier will be, featuring an invincibility cloak, truly making the soldier a ghost.

If this little action packed trailer doesn’t get your blood pumping you must be dead! Has anyone got a time machine?

Visit the official site for more info.

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