The Evil Within_07

A number of new details about Bethesda and Shinji Mikami’s new survival horror game The Evil Within have arrived, courtesy of IGN.

It’s a pretty extensive preview, complete with this video and it appears that for Shinji Mikami, it’s pretty important to get back to survival horror’s roots while striking a balance with action elements.

CVG have summarised the main aspects from the IGN preview:

  • Mikami is aiming for “the perfect balance between horror and action”

  • Aims to have an “air of mystery” instead of thematic twists

  • Main character is called ‘Sebastian’, he is a detective

  • His partner is called Joseph, and the two are joined by a female detective referred to as ‘Kid’

  • Viewpoint is from over Sebastian’s shoulder

  • The development team is “paying a lot of attention to the theatrical and cinematic aspects” of the game

  • In terms of controls, they want the game to feel scary and cinematic, but the controls shouldn’t impact flow or be cumbersome

  • The Evil Within is developed using a heavily modified version of id Tech 5 which the game’s art director calls “Tango-stylized”

  • Player movement plays an important part in survival. Sneaking and crouching may be necessary when monsters are nearby.

  • The variety of motions and animations change depending on whether enemies are nearby nor not

  • The Evil Within’s producer thinks it’s much harder to scare people these days, so Sebastian has been created as an everyman. Players are meant to identify with him, which makes it more immersive.

  • A “Butcher” brandishing a chainsaw chases Sebastian. He can uses things in the environment, such as glass bottles, to distract enemies.

  • The first part of the demo takes place in an asylum, followed by a brief section in a hospital.

  • The second part skips to an outside area, as Sebastian moves towards an abandoned cottage.

  • The Evil Within has a minimalist HUD. Items that can be interacted with a denoted with on-screen prompts. On the screen is a small health bar and, when a weapon is drawn, an icon indicating ammo,

  • Players will have “appropriate types of weapons with a limited amount of ammunition to get them through”

  • The standard enemies in The Evil Within are zombie-like, shambling types.

  • Progression through the cottage is linear, but it is promised the game will open up. The Evil Within is a mixture of “narrow, confined spaces and larger, wide open spaces”

  • The areas are designed to make players feel claustrophobic, then provide relief through open areas. The cycle is repeated over the course of the game, with enemies appearing in unexpected ways and places.

  • In the demo, an enemy wave that moves very much like Resident Evil 4’s Ganados are defeated with a mine trap. Sebastian lays the mine by a door, the rest are dispatched with a handguns. The enemies attempt to break in through the window.

  • At one point the environment shifts, changing its layout. Before Sebastian can get his bearings, a wave of blood crashes down the corridor, similar to the elevator scene in The Shining.

  • Sebastian wakes up at the asylum. The inspiration for the shifting environments was cited as The Winchester House

  • Another enemy shown in the demo is described as “a giant, multi-legged, multi-armed wraith”. It emerges from a fountain of blood and moves quickly towards Sebastian.

  • Mikami ends the demo by saying “If players say ‘I haven’t played a game this scary in a while,’ that would make me the happiest.”