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This review is an unedited version of the review written by Zombie Dredd and published in the Tech Magazine: Issue 34 June 2016.

Before I even tell you about Tom Clancy’s The Division and whether it is worth considering, it is important to note that if your console or PC is not connected to the internet, you can’t play the game. The Division requires an ‘always on’ internet connection whether you want to play the game with friends or not.

With that out of the way, don’t be put off by thinking the game forces you to play with others. You can comfortably play through The Division solo, but it is pretty clear that the game’s complete experience is one that involves co-op and player versus player to go along with the campaign.

The Division is a third-person, cover-based shooter at its heart with some role-playing elements and a ‘persistent’ open-world chucked in to the mix. As a sleeper agent of a highly secretive government organisation, you are activated when the world has reached breaking point. In this case, a virus has swept through New York over the Black Friday sale period and spread at an alarming rate via the money trading hands and decimated the game’s setting of Manhattan.

Your job (along with any friends who may join you) is to establish a base, access safe houses, eradicate the looters and bad guys trying to control the streets while figuring out what exactly happened and how it can all be saved.

The map and environments are breathtaking (in an apocalyptic sense of course), with the part of the city assigned to the game pretty close to the real-world version as has ever been seen in a game before. Improving your character’s skills and weapons being key to achieving the success needed to ensure the survival of humanity across multiple main missions, encounters, side missions with even more to follow in future updates.

While these missions can feel repetitive at times, the game has achieved the right balance of risk and reward via its various modes, making gaming the thrill it is meant to be. You will be awestruck by the vistas in the game, and you will be driven to explore another city block and take back a little more in exchange for the mission rewards. But, the game was designed to be played in co-op, and while the solo experience is still more than many games offer in this day and age, you will be missing out if you take on the city by yourself.

Score: 8/10
Available for: Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC
Distributed by: Megarom and available at all retailers of games

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