The 18 April COD Advanced Warfare LAN Report


This past weekend, we were at Kamimodo E-Sports Cafe, wearing our best human disguise and hosting a Call of Duty Advanced Warfare LAN tournament on Xbox One.

With an 8pm load shedding slot expected, things got off to a later start (it’s Cape Town, maaaannnn) than the 10am schedule but nothing that was of any concern. With nine teams playing double elimination we were still pretty confident of being finished before 7pm…

Results of the day’s early matches, which threw up a number of surprises and exciting match-ups throughout the day:

Winner’s Bracket

CoDAW_02Round 1:

HP Detroit: Team Xedus 244-161 Team (#)Swagsters
CtF Ascend: Team Xedus 1-4 Team (#)Swagsters
SnD Solar: Team Xedus 6-4 Team (#)Swagsters

Round 2:

HP Retreat: Team Paragon Elite 250-152 Legion Gaming
Uplink Biolab: Team Paragon Elite 15-2 Legion Gaming

HP Retreat: Team Trust 157-208 Ventus Astra
Uplink Biolab: Team Trust 1-8 Ventus Astra

HP Retreat: Vinco eSports 250-45 Concept Gaming
Uplink Biolab: Vinco eSports 20-2 Concept Gaming

HP Retreat: Team Xedus 145-247 eN_F34R
Uplink Biolab: Team Xedus 2-17 eN_F34R

Round 3:

HP Solar: Team Paragon Elite 157-222 eN_F34R
CtF Retreat: Team Paragon Elite 4-5 eN_F34R

HP Solar: Vinco eSports 141-216 Ventus Astra
CtF Retreat: Vinco eSports 2-5 Ventus Astra


HP Biolab: Ventus Astra 216-232 eN_F34R
SnD Riot: Ventus Astra 1-6 eN_F34R
Uplink Comeback: Ventus Astra 10-7 eN_F34R
CtF Ascend: Ventus Astra 3-4 eN_F34R

Loser’s Bracket

CoDAW_03Round 1:

HP Biolab: Concept Gaming 177-232 Team (#)Swagsters
Uplink Comeback: Concept Gaming 11-9 Team (#)Swagsters
SnD Riot: Concept Gaming 2-6 Team (#)Swagsters

Round 2:

HP Detroit: Team Trust 250-149 Team (#)Swagsters
CtF Ascend: Team Trust 5-2 Team (#)Swagsters

HP Detroit: Legion Gaming 208-204 Team Xedus
CtF Ascend: Legion Gaming 4-3 Team Xedus

Round 3:

HP Retreat: Team Trust 165-186 Team Paragon Elite
Uplink Detroit: Team Trust 2-17 Team Paragon Elite

HP Retreat: Legion Gaming 112-250 Vinco eSports
Uplink Detroit: Legion Gaming 0-11 Vinco eSports


HP Detroit: Ventus Astra 171-245 Vinco eSports
SnD Terrace: Ventus Astra 6-4 Vinco eSports
Uplink Detroit: Ventus Astra 7-6 Vinco eSports
CtF Biolab: Ventus Astra 5-4 Vinco eSports

The Final

Old ‘foes’ Ventus Astra and eN_F34R came face to face for the second LAN event in a row, with Ventus Astra (slightly altered from their previous meeting) having to battle via the loser’s bracket to secure their spot.

The final was a continuation of their previous meet-up, and with eN_F34R holding a 3-1 lead, they required only three maps to take the winner’s spot, while Ventus Astra needed a mammoth five maps to clinch victory.

At 7pm, with just an hour to go until the scheduled load shedding, it was pretty safe to say we were running late and about to cut it all very fine.

Ventus Astra came out swinging however, and took the series to 2-3 with their 6-4 win on Terrace SnD. Another tight map followed on Detroit which the Ventus Astra secured with a 229-217 Hardpoint win.

Suddenly, everything was all tied 3-3 all with everything to play for. The time was also 7:30pm and the race to beat the load shedding was as real as the competition happening on Solar (yes Eskom, you may want to consider the option too). eN_F34R bounced back with a 6-2 win in SnD, and followed it up with a 5-2 win with CtF on Retreat.

As the clock hit 7:50pm, the chances of the entire event being beaten by the lack of electricity was very real – especially if Ventus Astra went on to take Uplink on Biolab. And they almost did. In an utter nail-biter – and with almost no time to spare – eN_F34R bagged a two-pointer to take the final map (and the series) 9-7 and secure themselves bragging rights and R1,600 cash.

Our thanks to the teams and spectators who supported the event – both in person and on Twitch. Thanks to all those that jumped in to help (when possible) with the shoutcasting. And finally – a massive shout out to Dylan Rosser and Astrid Lochner for the support and assistance that went well beyond the call of duty…

The full bracket is available here and for more photos from the day, head here.


In the interests of being as transparent as possible, you can view our ‘balance sheet’ for the event by clicking the link below.

Balance Sheet »

Registration Fees R 3 520.00 Prize Pool R 3 000.00
8x R400/ team R1600 (First Prize)
1x R320/ team R1000 (Second Prize)
R400 (Third Prize)
Bandwidth (Streaming via LTE) R 350.00
Staff Drinks and Food R 126.00
TOTAL R 3 520.00 R 3 476.00
Profit on event R 44.00
This balance sheet excludes, transport costs, staff costs, etc.

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