Ten Songs To Listen To While Browsing Zombiegamer

Welcome.  Welcome one and all to our humble corner of the interweb.  Browsing in silence can be soul destroying however, so with your well being in mind, allow me to present ten songs you should be listening to while browsing zombiegamer.  Or better still when the zombie apocalypse comes (and it will), these are the songs you’ll want on your iPod. 


‘Living Dead Girl’ – Rob Zombie

Any song that opens with the sample “Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead?” is going to be right at home on this site.  The fact that it’s a dirty, sleazy, industrial metal song by the new horror godfather is icing on the cake.  Actually, no, the fact that his wife is as hot as she is, is the icing on the cake.  Run Rabbit, run…

‘Astro Zombies’ – The Misfits

A song by a bunch of zombified misfits and named after a 1968 movie.  These are the grand daddies of all things musically zombie.  Bloody bunch of freaks.

paramedics-thumbnailwednesday-13-thumbnail‘Zombie Crew’ – Send More Paramedics

The band name is a reference to 1985’s Return of the Living Dead.  The song makes no bones of hiding the fact that they are heavily influenced by zombie movies.  Their 1980s crossover style is not to be taken seriously.

‘Walked With A Zombie’ – Wednesday 13

A 1943 movie.  A song title originally by Roky Erickson.  A new version by a horror freak named Wednesday 13 (originally from the band ‘Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13’) who stole his name from The Addams Family’s daughter.  This song fits the site like a four finger glove.  It couldn’t have been better if there was a remake planned for the film.  There is.

the-cramps-thumbnailalien_sex_fiend_thumbnail‘Zombie Dance’ – The Cramps

Alice Cooper may also have a song by this name, but let’s be honest, weren’t The Cramps zombies themselves?  If not they were certainly B-movie horror extras.

‘Now I’m Feeling Zombified’ – Alien Sex Fiend

Alien Sex Fiend on the other hand, are definitely zombies.  It’s in the eyes.  Seriously.   “Zombie, Zombie, Zombiefied / Face is white / Eyes is tired / Eyes is – tired / My eyes is tired / Wooo! wooo! ooh! / WOOOOOooooooo!! wooooooo!!!!”

faith-no-more-thumbnailwhitezombie-thumbnail‘Zombie Eaters’ – Faith No More

Nowhere in the lyrics do they mention anything zombie related.  In fact, it might even be a love song.  But it’s Faith No More, and they could be singing about fluffy bunnies, and it would’ve still snuck in here.  Lead singer Mike Patton has already become the official voice artist of horror in gaming.  “Jackiiiieeee…”

‘More Human Than Human’ – White Zombie

Rob Zombie sneaks in for a second time.  And why the hell not?  He loves all B-movie schlock and horror, which makes him a bit of an expert.  The band was named after the 1932 movie White Zombie.  And anything less than human is a zombie.

‘She Was A Teenage Zombie’ – Murderdollsmurderdolls-thumbnail

Ok, so the song has some dubious lyrics (“she was a teenage zombie / she was a teenage corpse / drop dead gorgeous…”), but the song like everything zombie related, really needs to be taken with a huge pinch of salt.  On rotting flesh…

the-cranberries-thumbnail‘Zombie’ – The Cranberries

Yes, yes.  Not hard.  Not aggressive.  Not scary.  But even zombies fall in love every now and then.  This is the song they feast by moonlight to.  And let’s be honest, between all the violence of video gaming, we all need a little romance now and then.

Play loud and enjoy the site.