Telkom Digital Gaming League (DGL) | DotA2 Emerald Genesis Round 4 Results

Telkom Digital Gaming League (DGL) | DotA2 Emerald Genesis Proving Grounds

19 January 2017 | Round 4 Results

The 4th Round of the DotA2 Emerald Genesis Proving Grounds took place last night. As only four teams remain in the Emerald Genesis Proving Grounds qualifier cup, competition is fierce. If you want to see the entire tournament bracket, please head directly over to the official Digital Gaming League tournament page here. If you’re confused about how all the Emerald qualifiers tie into each other, read our article explaining it all here.

Round 4 results:

Constant and Hive Gaming faced off in the quarter finals of the top half of the Emerald Genesis Proving Grounds tournament bracket. Both of these teams had caused upsets on their path to this point. Both teams also looked fiercely hungry and in form, each playing their own unique and particular style of DotA2. Constant had flown under my radar in my preview article of this tournament and much to my dismay have made it much further than I anticipated. They’ve shown they’re willing to play their own game, thus forcing other teams to deal with them or simply get run over. Hive Gaming, on the other hand, have relied on a unique playstyle of their own to get them this far. Going into this matchup, the ability to deal with the enemy lineup, while still playing their own unique blend of DotA2, was always going to be key.

Constant appeared to draft lineups that were very strength hero reliant in the tournament thus far. Their desire to have a tanky high HP leaning draft in order to steamroll their opposition had worked well in the past and they must have thought it would work well here too. Hive Gaming, on the other hand, felt their drafting style would have enough burst and sustain to deal with the train that was coming at them.

In Game 1 the Fury/Hunter combo in Constant gaming drafted up their infamous Meepo and snuck in a midlane Ursa. Hive Gaming answered with their usual Omniknight and once again relied on a Terrorblade for damage output. The draft looked to favour Constant, who just steamrolled the lane phase (despite Jeric winning midlane) and transitioned into a furious midgame force very early. Hive Gaming couldn’t really deal with Constant at any point in this match and it felt like the drafts favoured one team heavily over the other.

The same happened with Game 2, where Constant once again drafted 3x high HP strength cores and Hive Gaming just had no answer. The result was a clear 2 – 0 victory for Constant over Hive Gaming. Both teams played well in the tournament to get to this point and both will no doubt need to refine their strategies prior to the Telkom DGL Emerald Showdown. Because I’m certain Hive Gaming won’t make the same mistake twice, should the teams face off again.

Unfortunately I was not able to see the DUC! vs Valk Magni matchup, so I’m not sure how exactly that played out. From the DGL match thread here I can see that DUC! heavily outdrafted Valk Magni in both games. The drafting advantage no doubt resulted in two straightforward DUC! victories over Valk Magni, knocking them from the tournament. DUC! appeared to be in their own league altogether, with Legend (the DUC! carry) going 30/2/26 (KDA Ratio: 28) over both games. DUC! arguably had the significantly easier path to the finals that will be played this Sunday and face their first real test in Constant. I’m really interested to see how this pans out and desperately hope Telkom organize us a Stream and a Panel! I think South Africa has been deprived of WilsonXXXL long enough! Having HellbirD cast with Profeci would be icing on the cake. Telkom, don’t let us down!

The Telkom DGL Emerald Genesis Proving Grounds Final will be held on Sunday the 22nd of January 2017 at 20h30:

The following teams were eliminated in Round 4:

These two teams earned a well fought 3-4th place seeds going into the Emerald Showdown on the 30th of January 2017. Well played! Although it would have been interesting to see a 3rd/4th Playoff Match to better separate the seeds from both Emerald qualifiers before the Emerald Showdown! This could have been a very interesting lead up match going into the finals on Sunday!

Emerald Do-or-Die Proving Grounds | 23 January 2017

Just a quick reminder to all the DGL DotA2 teams out there looking to have serious runs this year. The next qualifier cup is the Emerald Do-or-Die Proving Grounds and it starts on the 23rd of January 2017. To take part in this cup you need to head over to the official DGL website here and register before the 22nd of January 2017. Think you and your team can do better than the teams discussed above? Do you have what it takes to shut down the Hunter/Fury combo that’s rampaging through the Emerald series? If so, what are you waiting for?


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