Telkom Digital Gaming League (DGL) | DotA2 Emerald Genesis Round 1 Results

Telkom Digital Gaming League (DGL) | DotA2 Emerald Genesis Proving Grounds

16 January 2017 | Round 1 Results

The First Round of the DotA2 Emerald Genesis Proving Grounds played out last night and saw 10 teams eliminated from the tournament. Tonight Round 2 will commence, with the winning teams securing their spots in the Top 8. If you want to see the entire tournament bracket, please head directly over to the official Digital Gaming League tournament page here.

Round 1 Results:

The teams who received a Bye and move directly to Round 2 are:

So unfortunately we say goodbye to the following teams after Round 1:

  • ComeBack Players (DGL Ladder)
  • Spartan eSports (DGL Ladder)
  • Team Salt (DGL Ladder)
  • TERA Anti-Heroes (DGL Ladder)
  • Echoed Light Team Elders (DGL Ladder)
  • Objective Gaming AE (DGL Ladder)
  • Vz (DGL Ladder)
  • Vindictus Esports (DGL Ladder)
  • No Name Gaming (DGL Ladder)
  • Carpe Noctem Red (DGL Ladder)

It’s interesting to note that all the teams knocked out in this early part of the tournament are DGL Ladder teams, as we expected. However there are still four more DGL Ladder teams that remain in the competition. Although I fear the next stage is going to be even more gruelling for all the teams involved. I’ve picked out a couple of juicy Round 2 matches you might want to spectate tonight:

Sini5ter Valhalla vs Pulse Gaming Salt should be an absolutely great game to watch. Both of these teams I predicted would be in my top 2, and it’s terribly sad to see them meet up this early in the tournament. Hopefully the Telkom DGL bigwigs grant us a Stream and some Casters for this massive matchup.

DUC! vs TopKek is also another entertaining game you could spectate. Both of these teams are in Premier Division and thus the quality of DotA should be pretty high. DUC! have only recently returned to Prem Div. and have a lot to prove, while TopKek are undoubtedly the favourites here.

If you’re feeling particularly keen to see the little man take on the giant, then Such DotA! vs HiVe Gaming Entropy is the match for you to watch. HiVe Gaming have added a few new players to their roster this year. They’re clearly aiming to make a bid for Prem Div. if not even higher. Such DotA! are no pushovers, though, and have beaten HiVe Gaming in the past. Thus they will feel confident that they can do so again in Round 2.



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