Telkom Digital Gaming League (DGL) | DotA2 Emerald Do-or-Die Proving Grounds

24 January 2017 | Emerald Do-or-Die Proving Grounds Round 2 Results

Last night Round 2 of the Telkom Digital Gaming League (DGL) Emerald Do-or-Die Proving Grounds kicked off. Only 16 teams remained in the tournament before last night’s fixtures, spread evenly across 8 fixtures. The winners of this round progress to the quarterfinals of the Emerald Do-or-Die qualifiers, but they also book their spots in the Emerald Showdown on the 30th of January. Advancing further in this tournament, which ends on Sunday 29 January, ensures a higher seed at the Emerald Showdown. This is a huge advantage which teams will no doubt want to capitalize on. If you want to see the entire tournament bracket, please head directly over to the official Digital Gaming League tournament page here. If you’re confused about how all the Emerald qualifiers tie into each other, read our article explaining it all here.

Round 2 Results:

Interestingly both Ventus teams (Green and Red) have been eliminated from the tournament. Ventus Green is vanquished by Sin5 Burning, who are a pretty strong side so this result isn’t too surprising. Ventus Red, however, is dumped from the tournament by Armageddon in a 2 – 0 clean sweep. This result is a little more surprising, as I expected the DGL Premier Division team to be able to handle Armageddon a little better than they did here. Armageddon does have the likes of Critzeee and CircusFreak in the squad, so they come with a wealth of experience (if not a high DGL Division seeding). Armageddon are thus looking pretty dangerous and opposition teams are going to have to be careful of these guys.

Ventus, on the other hand appear to be a shadow of their former selves since their best players all moved to the Ventus Masters squad (or to other Masters teams). We covered these changes in our 2017 DGL Masters preview article here on Zombiegamer. It’s pretty interesting to see these changes ripple down the Ventus organization. It’s clear Ventus needs to do some work shoring up these weaknesses to ensure they have strong teams in the various DGL Divisions.

Elsewhere, the other highly seeded DGL Division teams make light work of their DGL Ladder opposition. Wicked Gaming Salt is a newly formed team of some fairly unknown players. The old Pulse Gaming Salt team moved over to the vacant Pulse Gaming Reborn team, which left the Salt team vacant. As such, the manager/owner of Salt left Pulse Gaming and took the team seed to fly under the Wicked Gaming flag. Wicked Gaming Salt was then outfitted with all new players. This new team performed well and defeated Team Salt (Salt is a popular term in DotA2), to progress to the #Top8.

Interestingly, this is something the old Pulse Gaming Salt failed to do in the last Emerald qualifier. TopKek and SuchDotA! also find fairly predictable victories against smaller opposition teams and progress to Round 3. Other fixtures see Vz getting a free pass to Round 3 thanks to a forfeit, Carpe Noctem beating TERA Perfect Synergy, and ErA Invicta besting TERA Anti-Heroes to also progress to Round 3.

Round 3 takes place tonight (Wednesday 25 January 2017) at 20h30. Only eight teams remain, and as such, all the remaining teams that play tonight have progressed to the Emerald Showdown. Your #Top8 Round 3 fixtures are:

Congratulations to the #Top8 for qualifying for the Emerald Showdown on the 30th of January 2017. GLHF tonight!

TL;DR In a game of Rock Paper Scissors, Salt always beats Salt. Ventus Gaming Premier Division seeds looking fragile. Armageddon is bringing the end times. Such DotA! and TopKek make it to the #Top8 the second time around.