Telkom Digital Gaming League (DGL) | DotA2 Community Shield

05 April 2017 | Results Update

Another two teams were knocked to the Lower Bracket of the Telkom Digital Gaming League (DGL) DotA2 Community Shield last night, leaving only the Upper Bracket Final to be played. This is scheduled for next week only and should provide the Upper Bracket teams adequate time to convalesce (and/or enough time to strategize appropriately). Until this fixture early next week, the DGL Community Shield will largely continue to focus on the Lower Bracket matches, where another loss earns competing teams a direct ticket home.

If you want to know more about the Community Shield, and the teams playing in it, you can read our Community Shield preview article here. The dates for the entire tournament are already set in stone, so be sure to clear your calendar on the dates below, as select matches are being streamed through the official channels. A shout out to the casters; JubbaSuccubus, and LightRay Casting for keeping us entertained throughout the streams!

Upper Bracket | Round 3 Results

The fixture between Veneration Esports (VnR) and Pulse Gaming Reborn (PLT Reborn) promised to be a highly volatile and entertaining one. The reason the atmosphere around this fixture was so charge is because players in VnR and players in PLT Reborn were part of Pulse Gaming Salt together for much of 2016. As such, many of the competing players know each other well and both sides would be desperate for the win. It appears that Cotta (14-1-6 on Juggernaut and 17-3-14 on Lina) stood out as the central driving force in both games, leading VnR to an emphatic 2 – 0 victory over PLT Reborn with his pretty faultless performances. Although Deathy had enjoyed considerable freedom to cause mayhem across the map in previous fixtures, VnR weren’t going to allow him to do that here and solidly shut that down. Even on his Tidehunter, Deathy struggled.

Elsewhere, Mythic Gaming and Aperture Gaming Academy (ApG Academy) clashed in a series that went the full 3 matches. Both these teams had managed to knock Masters teams to the lower bracket so far in the DGL DotA2 Community Shield, so each knew to be just a little wary of the other. If you include the pauses in this series, all three matches combined easily clocked over the three hour mark. Both teams wanted to make sure they did enough on the map to secure their victory and at times play in all three matches was very cautious as both teams frantically farmed. Mythic Gaming comfortably won Game 1 of the series, bringing more farm to fights in the late game, which ultimately earned them objective after objective. ApG Academy mixed things up a fair amount in Game 2, drafting a pretty painful Naix bomb around some other key hero picks. Mythic never really got going and didn’t play to their draft as much as they should have.

Game 3 was the closest of the matches in this Bo3. Mythic Gaming got off to a pretty mixed start, being aggressive enough in places that they were winning some lanes, but passive enough that they were losing others. ApG Academy enjoyed periods of ascendancy at various points in the game, and at one point looked like they’d won it all when G’dayMate playing a Magnus for ApG Academy landed an absolutely stunning four man skewer RP combo, with Disruptor ultimate placed underneath it to ensure the almost teamfight. I’m pretty sure the Magnus has not, nor will ever, land one as beautiful as that ever again! A few failed attempts to turn their advantage into high ground offensive objectives started to take their toll, and allowed the Alchemist to buy Aghs upgrades for a fair few of his teammates (including Venomancer and Abaddon) which completely turned the game around. After this point, ApG Academy could no longer do sufficient damage to kill the team in their combos and Mythic ended quickly once they had the advantage, sealing the series with a 2 – 1 victory over ApG Academy.

Lower Bracket | Round 2 Results

  • Ventus Gaming 1 – 0 AstriXDotaAsX (forfeit)
  • Sini5ter All Stars 10 Sini5ter Valhalla (forfeit)
  • Damage Control 1 – 0 Bye
  • Ventus Red 1 – 0 Bye

An unsurprising AstriXDotaAsX (aka Ventus Black, aka Ventus Fluorescent Orange, aka ArmaGeddon) forfeit clears the path for the main Ventus DotA2 Masters team to edge just a little closer to a top 2 finish. Sin5 Valhalla had forfeited all their matches on the first day already, so this fixture was always merely a formality of the seed workings through the brackets. Elsewhere, Damage Control and Ventus Red both earned the last of the byes that were still floating around in the tournament.

Upcoming Fixtures | 06 April 2017 @ 20h00

Round 3 LB fixtures up tonight:

  • Ventus Gaming vs Damage Control
  • Sini5ter All Stars vs Ventus Red

In a rather unfortunate turn of events the two Masters teams; Ventus Gaming and Damage Control, must face each other tonight. This ensures that at least one of the three Masters teams will be eliminated by this time tomorrow evening. It’s a fairly interesting fixture, if nothing else, because Sin5 All Stars and Ventus Red face off in the other fixture on later tonight. Sin5 All Stars no doubt hope to enjoy more success against their fellow DGL Prem Div. compatriots than they had done earlier in this tournament. Sin5 All Stars had played Pulse Gaming Reborn in a fairly one sided fixture that Ventus will quickly want to set right by squashing DC in lane. The series to spectate out of the two presented above could honestly be either one of these options. Both fixtures promise to be closely contested affairs. With the fix that any team can take on the day.

Closing Thoughts…

Veneration Esports and Mythic Gaming are now confirmed as 2 of our top 3 in the inaugural DGL DotA2 Community Shield. Since Veneration Esports and Mythic Gaming are both in the Upper Bracket Finals, as such the winner of that fixture earn a spot at the upcoming Telkom DGL Masters LAN Cup while the loser rejoins the Lower Bracket Finals. Should that team win here, they’d secure their spot at the Community Shield as well. In any regard, both these teams have played very well thus far and we can’t wait to watch the Upper Bracket finals early next week to see which team comes out on top.

A recap on our predictions (with updates):

Our tongue in cheek inaugural Telkom DGL DotA2 Community Shield predictions. We’ll make sure you stay up to date on how badly we called it!

  • Most likely to succeed? Flipsid3 Tactics South Africa. (They’ve made the Upper Bracket finals so far. Some might call that succeeding.)
  • Unlikely outsiders? Mythic Gaming. (Mythic Gaming are also in the Upper Bracket finals where they face VnR/F3+Wazoo. I’d say they’re the outsiders to win it here.)
  • Most likely to emulate the RSA cricket team? Pulse Gaming Reborn. (They’ve been knocked to the Lower Bracket, but by a pretty strong team. So we’ll see how things go in the Lower Bracket before we hang the fool who answered this one!)
  • Fan favorite? Damage Control. (Let’s go, DC, let’s go! Let’s go, DC, let’s go!)
  • Prom King/Queen? Constant. (We’re going to be honest here. They’re kings to us because they keep beating/taking matches off anybody and everybody!) 
  • First to capture all three starter Pokemon? Ventus Gaming. (Do you think Ventus have enough teams to capture all the Magikarps it takes to upgrade to a Gyarados in Pokemon Go?)
  • The [un]Official Telkom DGL DotA2 Community Shield 1 tagline? “Lose twice and you’re done!” (Mythic Gaming lost two matches but are still in the tournament. We’re officially confused folks. Or did they mean series losses?)

TL;DR Either Mythic Gaming or Veneration Esports earn the first of two seeds to the Telkom DGL DotA2 Masters LAN Cup after last night’s results.