Telkom Digital Gaming League (DGL) | DotA2 Community Shield

09 April 2017 | Results Update

Two of the remaining six teams in the Telkom Digital Gaming League (DGL) DotA2 Community Shield were eliminated from the tournament last night. Now only four teams remain, two from DGL Masters and two from the DGL Divisions. Be sure to watch Veneration Esports and Mythic Gaming fight it out in the Upper Bracket finals, with the winner earning one of the two remaining invites to the upcoming Telkom DGL Masters LAN Cup.

If you want to know more about the Community Shield, and the teams playing in it, you can read our Community Shield preview article here. Select matches have been streamed through the usual official channels, so be sure to join live for those. A shout out to the casters; JubbaSuccubus, Ridditz, and LightRay Casting for keeping us entertained throughout the streams!

The lower bracket Round 3 fixtures between Damage Control (DC) vs Ventus DotA2, and between Sin5 All Stars vs Ventus Red, both took place on Thursday the 6th of April. Ventus would have hoped that at least one of their two remaining DotA2 teams would be able to progress further in the tournament, but sadly this wasn’t to be the case. Sin5 fairly easily emerged victorious against Ventus Red after a 2 – 0 route. The fixture between the two Masters teams, DC and Ventus DotA2, was a heck of a lot closer though. Ultimately ending 2 – 1 in favour of DC, Game 3 really could have gone either way at various points in the match. Both Ventus teams were thus eliminated.

This led us neatly into last night’s fixtures (LB Round 4), the first of which was between Sin5 All Stars and ApG Academy. Sin5 All Stars had been knocked down to the lower bracket after a 0 – 2 defeat suffered at the hands of Pulse Gaming Reborn (PLT Reborn) while ApG Academy were handed their first defeat thanks to Mythic Gaming (1 – 2). Going into this series, Sin5 All Stars were slight favorites but ApG Academy were by no rights unable to earn a victory themselves as they’d already shown during the tournament.

In Game 1 ApG Academy were able to pick up many of their current meta comfort heroes like Abaddon, Invoker, and Axe. Sin5 responded with Lina, Juggernaut, and the infuriating Monkey King. Within 40 minutes tremendous displays by F3arBender on Lina (19/3/7) and Nubbie on Juggernaut (8/0/18) stand out as primary reasons Sin5 stomped the first game to lead the series 1 – 0.

Sin5 All Stars picked up some pretty key heroes in the draft phase of Game 2. They managed to once again snag the Lina, Centaur, and Abaddon. ApG Academy once again picked up Invoker, as well as the ever present Magnus. ApG Academy managed to do much better work in the early game, taking command and really managing to ensure F3arBender had less impact on his devastating Lina. All their early game focus, however, couldn’t be translated into enough objectives in time and Sin5 (particularly Nubbie once again , this time on Weaver) managed to play themselves back into the game. Weaver was ultimately impossible to shut down and Sin5 managed to run away with a Game 2 victory, rounding out the series 2 – 0 for Sin5 over ApG Academy.

Elsewhere DC sought to assert their newfound form in their bid to beat PLT Reborn. On the other hand, PLT Reborn had already beaten one Masters side (Ventus DotA2) and must have fancied their chances to take another Masters scalp last night. DC looked to be in a pretty good position for the majority of the early game in Game 1, with dgp in particular menacing the PLT Reborn supports on his Riki. Yet, despite DC being in the driving seat for so much of the game, they weren’t able to make any significant gains. PLT Reborn, however, barely held on despite the relentless DC onslaught. In a pretty telling moment, when Spectre was able to farm up Rads and Invoker picking up Aghs, the engagements suddenly started to shift in favour of PLT Reborn. Within 5 minutes the entire landscape of the match had changed, with PLT Reborn now dominant. It’s a position they didn’t give up, eventually able to win Game 1 and kick off the series with a 1 – 0 lead over DC.

In Game 2 PLT Reborn switched things up, drafting a very wombo combo-centric lineup, while DC opted for something that seemed to have a little less synergy. Having lost the last game late, DC clearly didn’t want the same to happen once again. Their entire draft seemed focussed around a Naga Siren pick. PLT Reborn, on the other hand, looked to want to 5 man early and take the game by the scruff of its neck early, never letting go. That’s pretty much how the general trend of Game 2 played out, but with DC playing out of their minds to hold on in hopes the Naga Siren would come online. In many instances towards the end of the game it looked as though DC could claw the result back, but ultimately too many of the devastating wombo combos were hit perfectly by PLT Reborn. Thus they emerge victorious with their impressive 2 – 0 sweep over DC.

Upper Bracket Finals | Preview

  • Veneration Esports vs Mythic Gaming

Later tonight (Monday 10th April 2017 @ 20h00) Veneration Esports (VnR) face Mythic Gaming in the upper bracket final. The winner will earn an invite to the DGL Masters DotA2 LAN Cup, while the loser will move to the lower bracket final to play the winner of PLT Reborn vs Sin5 All Stars. Regardless of tonight’s result, both these teams have done well so far in the tournament and it’s going to be a really interesting series. While VnR (after their questionable, albeit legal, last minute lineup change/team overhaul) are clearly the stronger team, it’s clear Mythic Gaming will fancy themselves giant killers tonight after their recent string of performances.

VnR have had a fairly easy go of it in the Community Shield thus far. Their path to the UB final included a 2 – 0 victory over AstriXDotaAsX, a 2 – 0 victory over Ventus Red, and a 2 – 0 victory over PLT Reborn. With a 100% win rate so far in this tournament, VnR are clearly the favored team tonight. With some highly skilled and experienced players in multiple positions, VnR will look to capitalize on Mythic Gaming’s inexperience. A loss here, however, would be a devastating and humiliating blow for VnR (or Flipsid3 Tactics South Africa, since most of the team is made up of their players). It’s not like it hasn’t happened to the other Masters teams at this tournament yet…

Up to this point Mythic Gaming have beaten Ventus DotA (2 – 1) and Aperture Gaming Academy (2 – 1) in the Community Shield. In the Telkom DGL Divisions Leg 2 they finished in second place in 1st Division, qualifying for Premier Division. Many of the names in the team will be recognizable to local players, even though competitive experience for many is fairly limited at the moment. On their best days Mythic Gaming have shown some fantastic team synergy and ability, something Veneration Esports will need to be on guard against.

Closing Thoughts…

Now only four teams remain in the Telkom DGL DotA2 Community Shield; Veneration Esports, Mythic Gaming, Pulse Gaming Reborn, and Sinister5 All Stars. The lower bracket final is a rematch between Sin5 All Stars and Pulse Gaming Reborn. These teams met in the upper bracket in Round 3 of this tournament, with Pulse Gaming Reborn emerging victorious after a 2 – 0 series. Can Pulse Gaming recreate this magic, or will Sin5 get some of the most ridiculous kind of revenge there is to get? With both Ventus DotA2 and DC eliminated from this tournament, only one Masters team remains. Who would have thought that that would have been the case, even a month ago? Not I.

A recap on our tongue in cheek Telkom DGL DotA2 Community Shield predictions (with updates on how badly we called it, as the tournament progresses):

  • Most likely to succeed? Flipsid3 Tactics South Africa. (Veneration using most of the F3 squad has turned out to be the play of the game!)
  • Unlikely outsiders? Mythic Gaming. (The unlikely outsiders playing the most likely to succeed in the upper bracket finals? We can’t even make up stories this good!)
  • Most likely to emulate the RSA cricket team? Pulse Gaming Reborn. (They’re going all the way, boys!)
  • Fan favorite? Damage Control. (We’ll get back to you sometime after we stop crying.)
  • Prom King/Queen? Constant. (Constant are still wondering who will join them at the LAN event.) 
  • First to capture all three starter Pokemon? Ventus Gaming. (Ventus Gaming sadly don’t catch any starter Pokemon here.)
  • The [un]Official Telkom DGL DotA2 Community Shield 1 tagline? “Lose twice and you’re done!” (Teams that have not lost twice are still in the tournament. I call hax!)

TL;DR Damage Control & ApG Academy eliminated! After last night’s results, we have an electric Sin5 All Stars vs Pulse Gaming Reborn rematch in LB Round 5! We preview tonight’s Mythic Gaming vs Veneration Esports upper bracket final!