Almost every world series, world tour or world championships in gaming and esports tends to conveniently ignore Africa. Not so with the 2019 Tekken (7) World Tour. The southern-most point of the continent has been included, with a Cape Town leg in September.

The original social media announcement revealed nothing more than the addition of Cape Town (and other new international locations). An update on the Tekken World Tour website announced that September would be the date and that Cape Town Showdown would be looking after it. Now thanks to SA Gamer, some real meaty information is available.

The event will be hosted on 7 and 8 September 2019 at the Radisson RED Cape Town. On the line in this Tekken World Tour Challenger Event is $1,000, as well as Ranking Points. The player cap is 256 (which given the size of the venue spaces at the Radisson might be a tight squeeze), with registrations opening on 20 March 2019.

Entry fees for the tournament will increase as the event draws near. Signing up early will find you paying only $5, while waiting until the last minute will see that cost jump to $30. Spectators will be charged $1 for a day pass or $1.50 for a weekend pass. [Just got to take a second here… can’t we just use Rands? It is South Africa after all? – Undead Ed]

The Tekken World Tour event forms part of the Cape Town Showdown 7 event. We have attended our fair share of the events in the past and the hype from the attendees is really something to be experienced. The first Cape Town Showdown event was held back in 2011. With the prize pool on offer come September 2019, you can expect the atmosphere to be multiplied tenfold. We would suggest you (player or spectator) set the date in your diary.

Details [via SA Gamer]:

  • Venue: Radisson Red Cape Town
  • Date: 7-8 September 2019
  • Player Cap: 256
  • Prize: $1000
  • Event Type: Tekken World Tour Challenger Event
  • Registration: from the 20th of March 2019
  • Fees:
    • Competitors:
      • $5 Early Registration (20 March – 31 April)
      • $10 Normal Registration (1 May – 31 June)
      • $20 Late Registration (1 July – 31 August)
      • $30 Last Chance Registration (1 September – 7 September)
      • With the player cap and early registration, please ensure you get in there early. Not only does it mean a discount, you’ll help the organisers effectively plan to bring you the best experience possible.
    • Spectators:
      • $1 for a 1-day pass
      • $1.50 for a 2-day pass
  • Notes:
    • Please ensure you have your own PlayStation 4 compatible controller for this event. That means having your own controller, converter and/or headset should you require.
    • There is a player cap, so make sure you register early.
    • This isn’t all! Look out for more announcements at a later date.

The Tekken World Tour culminates in the Bangkok finals which will feature at least $100,000 for competitors. Over the 2019 season the total prize pool will be $185,000+.