Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to Feature Largest Player Roster in Tekken History, New Modes and “Innovative Online Functionality”

Namco Bandai Europe has announced that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be released September 2012 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, so we can assume we will receive it locally around then.

Namco Bandai say the title will boast the largest player roster in Tekken history, with more than 50 characters featured in new stages set all over the world.

The brawler will feature one-on-one fighting and solo vs tag-team matches; then ‘Pair Play’ mode also allows four players to each take control of a single character in a team battle.

‘Fight Lab’ mode makes its debut to which allows players to customise the moves and appearance of new training character, Combot.

“There is so much packed into Tekken Tag Tournament 2 that we can’t wait to reveal to fans of both fighting games and fans of all games,” said Olivier Comte, senior vice president, Namco Bandai Partners S.A.S.

“The latest entry into the iconic series will have the level of depth expected of the highest-selling fighting game franchise of all time, but also the accessibility for new fans and gaming noobs alike.

Namco Bandai has reportedly promised to reveal innovative online functionality at E3 in June.

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