Tekken 6: Review (Xbox 360)

by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira


I get feelings of nostalgia when I speak of Tekken; it means so much to me. I thought that the Playstation2 was going to be a bit too expensive when it was to be released, then Tekken made me fork out the money… and with a smile on my face. You see Tekken broke new ground with fighters with its simplistic game-mechanics and the evolved movement. I was addicted to nightly battles with my mates, with our printed lists of all the players’ moves next to us, we fought hard and long, every other night.

So in 2008 when it was announced that Tekken would be coming to Xbox, I was naturally over the moon. I would have pre-ordered it then already to be able to play a Tekken on my preferred console. Tekken 6 promises to be the best King of Iron Fist Tournament yet by adding to the already great fighting experience. It features even more characters, deeper character customization, online fighting and more.

Tekken 6 is a Namco Bandai game and is available on the PlayStation 3.


Gameplay and Features

Graphics, cut-scenes, voice-overs and sound are very much Japanese arcade-like style, and very good for that matter. Character animations look better than ever and they were given a fresh wardrobe. The backgrounds are more ‘alive’ than before and vivid colouring and detail make this the prettiest Tekken yet. They have included motion-blur (which you can turn off) that adds to the intensity, so your big attacks look bigger than ever, which makes the action look explosive. The developers absolutely nailed the authentic arcade experience.

Tekken has always had my favourite controls in the arcade-fighter game. It relies on rhythmic button tapping to get combos going and each limb is controlled by a button.. The controls are a tweak more than an evolution, with the familiar characters getting some new moves. As usual moves are easy on the surface, but it takes some time and effort to master a the deep combo system that allows you to chain together attacks, grappling holds, aerial juggles, and explosive big hits. With an enormous amount of characters, many of the new characters have a combination of the original character’s (Tekken1 to 3) moves and there are some spectacular marriages in character moves, and this will really please the Tekken followers. Fans of the series will quickly work out and become comfortable with the additional moves or new characters, and can just pause and go to the list of the characters moves for reference. Unblockable combos are back, so you are forced to work on your defensive moves as apposed to just attack when you want and block the rest. You can use various defensive moves, like Ukemi, parries, from-the-ground techniques or reversals of grabs etc.

Tekken 6 features over 40 great characters and a very comprehensive list of game modes. You have the usual offline time attack, survival and arcade modes. New to the series is the scenario mode (offline) which is very different to Tekkens before. Lars and Alisa together have to unravel the mysterious G Corporation, controlled by Jin’s father, Kazuya Mishima. Do not expect too much from this mode and you will not be disappointed. It felt like a dated fighter story-mode and I really had to force myself to play through a few hours of it in search for gamescore. It was still the older modes in singleplayer that appealed to me most like survival and arcade mode, although it is short and because all the characters are available from the go, I did not feel motivated to finish arcade with every character as I did with Tekkens before.

Now the real reason you would buy this for- online. You can quick search ranked or unranked fights, set up lobby’s and control how big or small you want it. A nice new feature is uploading previous fights data or ghost and having a go at them or you can tweak the play style of enemy AI offline. The online Leaderboards are split between World, Asia, America and Europe and you have both an offline and online rank. So all is good then?… ermm, no!

The net-codes are completely broken. I managed to get into some quick fights with no lag, but after a fight it was normally difficult to find another quick one, so I would go back to the title page and lost my stats and rank. Then when I created a lobby for two of us, the lag was so bad that the entire fight was in slow motion (on a four Meg line). I have looked it up and people around the globe are reporting of the broken net-codes, so while I only find one problem with the game really, it happens to be a game-breaking problem. I mean fighters are all about the online modes, so this has to be spot on as you just cannot play fighters with bad lag… you just cant.


What I loved

  • Tekken on my Xbox 360.
  • Best Japanese arcade style fighter in my opinion.
  • Authentic to the last detailing. A nice touch is an ‘insert coin’ flashing in the character selection screen.
  • Gfx, sfx add to the theme and are very good.
  • Really stunning new characters and moves.
  • New outfits.
  • Tweaked move list for the older characters.
  • Motion Blur makes for spectacular looking action.
  • Fluid controls, as expected.

What I disliked

  • Online is broken.
  • Scenario mode feels and looks vintage.


It is the latest Tekken- familiar, fun and feels great. It is not as groundbreaking as Tekken 3 on PlayStation2 was, but it is a great title still in the series. The new characters were well thought of, the new features are good, and everything looks to be there for the perfect Tekken game. However, it is hugely let down for now, by the broken online netcodes. I would be playing this forever and a night online if it worked, but for now it does not. I do have confidence in  Namco Bandai’s ability to fix the issues online, and I am sure even they know that online is the reason we buy this game. The single-player modes are okay for gamescore, but not this title’s calling card.

I will right love letters to the developers to motivate them to get is spot-on with a patch, if that’s what it takes, as my love and passion for the series was there half and hour into it. There still is no better game mechanics for an arcade fighter for me. The King of the Ironfist is back… but get me my patch.


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