Take-Two boss says its “DNA remains in very high end, AAA, immensely immersive experiences”

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Take-Two Interactive Chairman and CEO, Strauss Zelnick has affirmed that while Take-Two remain flexible with its business models for game distribution, it will not likely deviate from the AAA market anytime soon.

GamesIndustry report that during an investor’ call, Zelnick affirmed that Take-Two’s “DNA remains in very high end, AAA, immensely immersive experiences.”

“I don’t really see us deviating from that,” Zelnick said.

Take-Two is actually currently exploring the free-to-play market in Asia, but a heavy shift into the free-to-play model is unlikely anytime soon.

“I’m not psyched about a business where 3 percent of your customers pay you, which is what you’re dealing with,” Zelnick explained.

“But we’re flexible. If that’s the way the business evolves, as long as we can get paid and make a profit doing it, we’re happy to contemplate it.

“I’m skeptical that for very high-end products, that’s the way the business goes. I think you’ll continue to sell those high-end products as the entry point, and then you’ll have in-game monetization for certain sold items and free items.”

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