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Dead Island | Zombies on a tropical island

Unfortunately, if you thought you were going to be treated to pictures of us relaxing on a tropical island you are about to be disappointed.

However, if you love your games with zombies in it – and we are, that’s for sure – then be prepared to clobber seven shades of **** out of the walking dead on a tropical island.  Sounds like the best holiday package not offered by Flight Centre doesn’t it?

ESRB gives Valve the finger

It’s not just raging Steam boycotters that Valve has upset with the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2. According to the studio, the ESRB has also shown concern, causing Valve to edit the original cover art for the game which showed a hand with a thumb and two fingers chewed off. In order to satiate the demands of the censors, the famous Left 4 Dead hand will now be holding down two fingers, rather than having them torn from the palm.