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Daily Boom – 22 May 2013

Xbox One has been revealed. Now to go boom. First up, the second full trailer of The Wolverine. Kind of seems the reverse of what Wolverine Origins was all about. In this one it seems Wolfy wants to die, and in the first one he was looking to get stronger. I don’t really have high hopes for it. Then we…

Daily Boom – 24 April 2013

An epic battle goes boom today in today’s…. That epic battle is between to Marvel comic book heroes who both have a new trailer out, and no, it’s not Iron Man… Thor The Dark World Trailer The Wolverine (actually not a new trailer, just an old one in Japanese but I need to bend the truth to setup the joke.…

X-men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition – Review (X360)

By Janrik “J4NR1K” Oberholzer

Comic book tie-in-movies, Game-tie-in-movies, and now another comic book – movie – game …

I popped the game  disk into my console with a fair amount of trepidation.

Will it be another case of  big industry milking the gaming faithful? Or will the guys from RAVEN Software outdo themselves?


Become Wolverine in this cinematic action adventure game.

X-men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition places you behind the metal ‘claws’ of 2009’s Mutant of the year.

The game follows the events in the movie fairly closely, with some liberties taken to flesh things out, and in many ways improve upon the very ‘noob friendly’ movie plot.